RSA Compliance Management Solution

Map identical requirements to a single request for attestation to streamline and automate complex compliance processes as well as ease the response to audit requests. In addition, gain a continuously updated view of your compliance posture across multiple regulations by automating data collection wherever possible.

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Create repeatable, automated processes for compliance data gathering, analysis, and reporting.
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Lower the cost of implementing compliance controls by eliminating duplication of effort. Controls are mapped to all relevant regulatory requirements.
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Streamline processes for the remediation of compliance findings, and prioritize them by their business impact.

Solution Description

The RSA Compliance Management Solution helps organizations create a consistent, repeatable way of defining compliance obligations and their scope, testing the effectiveness of key controls, and remediating areas of non-compliance.

RSA's Compliance Management Solution greatly reduces the manual effort of gathering evidence from people and systems, analyzing the data for weaknesses, and prioritizing remediation efforts. Moreover, the RSA solution provides dashboards and reports that can be used to communicate the compliance posture of the organization through a system of continuous compliance monitoring.


RSA starts with the premise that compliance regulations overlap to a large degree. By eliminating redundant collection of the same information for different regulations, we can help organizations reduce cost and effort by more than 50 percent.

Further, the RSA Compliance Management Solution repairs the disconnect between the tools and processes used by IT and those used by compliance officers and auditors at the business level. We make it simple for organizations to take compliance reports collected by a SIEM and map them to a governance, risk, and compliance (GRC) workflow, enabling auditors to easily manage compliance reports and track findings.

The RSA Compliance Management Solution includes data visibility via RSA Data Loss Prevention (DLP) and integration into a GRC workflow to help you streamline the compliance process, make better decisions, and spend less.


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