RSA Transaction Monitoring

RSA Transaction Monitoring: Fraud detection platform to identify fraudulent online and mobile activities including man-in-the-browser Trojans in real time.

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RSA Transaction Monitoring protects against man-in-the-browser Trojans and other attacks that circumvent strong authentication by monitoring postlogin transactions and using out-of-band authentication for high-risk transactions.
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Layer Transaction Monitoring on top of any strong authentication solution without replacing or altering what’s already in place.
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Deploy as an on-premise product or as a software-as-a-service (SaaS) offering hosted by RSA. Gain the ability to deploy so that it's completely invisible to end users or to challenge users in real time.
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Use the same machine-learning risk engine used by over 8,000 financial institutions and 250 million users worldwide.
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Combine with RSA FraudAction AntiTrojan Service and RSA Adaptive Authentication with out-of-band authentication for total transaction protection.


RSA Transaction Monitoring is a fraud detection platform for identifying fraudulent online and mobile activity in real time. With the sharp rise in Trojan attacks including man-in-the-browser (MITB) attacks, proactively monitoring online and mobile transactions is a crucial component of a layered security strategy.

Transaction Monitoring contains advanced Trojan protection features including behavioral analysis, Trojan behavior detection, fraud monitoring, and postlogin transaction monitoring with out-of-band authentication to protect against attacks that can circumvent strong authentication. Transaction Monitoring can be layered on top of any existing strong authentication solution in order to create a layered defense against advanced threats.

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