RSA Identity Verification from LexisNexis

RSA Identity Verification from LexisNexis: Consumer authentication and fraud prevention service that confirms a user’s identity in real time using dynamic knowledge-based authentication (KBA).

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RSA Identity Verification presents users with a customized set of questions and answers developed "on the fly" from public and commercial data.
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Perform various data checks to locate and confirm the validity of an identity quickly and accurately.
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Deploy and integrate RSA Identity Verification across various channels including call center, online portal, or point-of-sale terminals through Simple Object Access Protocol (SOAP)-based application programming interfaces (APIs).
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Provide users with immediate access and self-service options for account activity via top-of-mind, nonintrusive questions and answers. Lower abandonment rates and increase enrollments, activations, and transactions by automating manual practices.


RSA Identity Verification from LexisNexis is a strong consumer authentication and fraud prevention service that validates user identities in real time, reducing the risk associated with identity impersonation.

Using dynamic knowledge-based authentication (KBA), Identity Verification challenges users with a series of top-of-mind questions generated from information within databases containing billions of public and commercially available records.

With industry-leading speed and accuracy, Identity Verification conveniently confirms identities within seconds, without requiring an organization to have a prior relationship with the user.

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