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Implementing a new SIEM into your environment can be a daunting task, especially if its your first time trying to tackle such a thing. Each vendor has different ways of ingesting log sources, utilizing agents, auto ingesting devices, building entity structures, setting up multitenancy, building out the underlying architecture (scaling, H/A, D/R), deploying in the cloud, enabling compliance packages, etc. Our SIEM engineers at NDM do this on a daily basis for leading vendors such as IBM QRadar. A SIEM is a large investment, ensure you get off on the right foot with enabling NDM to be part of your deployment team.

24x7x365 Co-Managed

Its hard building out a team of SIEM experts internally to give you 24x7 coverage, sometime impossible due to lack of budget available. You also have to be concerned about employee turnover, vacations, sick days, and constantly raising wages to attempt to retain your staff. In addition to those hurdles, if you decide on a MSSP to help out, they typically claim everything is proprietary, say things like “just trust us, look at our certs”. That's NOT the case with NDM. Our co-managed approach gives you, the customer, full visibility into what we do, how well and quickly we do it, and unfettered access into your system at all times. We can augment your team with the best vendor in this space; IBM QRadar.


As a SIEM solution continues to evolve over time, projects do arise to enable them to mature with your organizational needs. Such projects can include but are not limited to the following:

  • Upgrading to Major Releases
  • Adding Integrations
  • Migrating from All-In-One to Distributed Architecture
  • Utilyzing Open Source Additions
  • Tuning out the Noise and more!

  • We can help your team with the project at hand for the best vendor in this space; IBM QRadar.

    Migrate an AIO Qradar Solution to Distributed

    Eliminate the guesswork, count on the NDM Qradar team that has done it before to do it right.

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    No matter where you are in your SIEM journey, NDM is here to help with consulting services. Not all consulting will cost you money either, simply reach out and ask what we can do. Such consulting activities can include but are not limited to the following:

  • SIEM Differentiation
  • Consumption Model Comparison
  • Policy Analysis
  • Refresh Planning
  • Migration Assistance
  • And More!

  • We can help your team find the answers they need for the best vendor in this space; IBM QRadar.