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Sizing Document

Sizing Your Environment

Sizing Your Environment

To help us understand what size of solution is needed for your unique environment, we need to understand what you'll be feeding into the SIEM. You can get started by filling out the document to your right ( CLICK HERE to download it) in addition to answering the following questions when sending it in for review.

  • How many of the listed Firewalls are set up as redundant? (Only 1 logs at at time in HA active/passive pairs)
  • Are your listed VPN's stand-alone or built into a FireWall?
  • What is your data retention requirement? (EX: 90 days live, balance of year archived)
  • Deployment Style Preference? (ie. Software, Cloud, Hardare)
  • Do you have interest in any of the following QRadar Portfolio Products?
    • User Behavior Analytics
    • Network Insights (QNI)
    • Vulnerabilty Manager (QVM)
    • Forensics
    • Risk Manager
    • Managed Security Services


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