IBM QRadar on Cloud

IBM Security® QRadar® on Cloud is a cloud hosted SIEM offering that helps detect cybersecurity attacks and network breaches so you can take preventive action. Focus on reviewing anomalous conditions and patching important vulnerabilities rather than acquiring and deploying technology components.



CapEx model

CapEx model
Move from large capital expenditures to a model based on operating expenses.

Industry-leading SIEM

Industry-leading SIEM
Get key IBM QRadar SIEM capabilities to help protect you from the latest security threats.

Rapid time-to-value

Rapid time-to-value
Start collecting and investigating events in days with more than 450 out-of-the-box solutions.

Proactively hunt threats with Kestrel Threat Hunting Language

Proactively hunt threats with Kestrel Threat Hunting Language
Developed by IBM Security and IBM Research, Kestrel Threat Hunting Language enables security teams to build and share threat hunting playbooks that are technology- and solution-independent using this open-source code. Threat hunters can use automation to execute tedious hunting tasks, so they can focus on more pressing tasks.


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Deliver scalability and rapid time to value

Set up industry-leading security analytics in days. Scale to your business needs and get up and running, collecting and investigating events quickly.

Ingest on-premises and cloud data

Get insight into on-premises and cloud-based resources and apply business context to that data to maximize relevant threat and risk insights.

Correlate related activities to prioritize incidents

Identify and track related activities throughout the kill chain so analysts have single screen end-to-end visibility into a potential incident.

Identify threats with real-time analytics

Analyze network, endpoint, vulnerability threat data and more to detect known and unknown threats. Reduce time-to-value without data science experts.

Meet audit and compliance requirements

Get the transparency, accountability and measurability to meet regulatory mandates and compliance reporting with an intuitive reporting engine.

Empower threat-prevention collaboration and management

Extend capabilities with more than 150 apps in the IBM Security™ App Exchange, including IBM® QRadar User Behavior Analytics and IBM QRadar Advisor with Watson®.

Integrate out-of-the-box

Ingest data faster, gain deeper insights and extend the value of existing solutions with more than 450 out-of-the-box integrations, APIs and an SDK.

Enforce data-privacy policies

Scale and adapt without compromising security. Control access to data in accordance with IBM internal privileged user monitoring and auditing programs.



 How Customers Use it

Detect Advanced Threats:


APT actors are well-trained, well-funded and highly motivated - operating low and slow to gradually gain persistence without setting off any alarms.


IBM QRadar detects well‐orchestrated, stealthy attacks as they are occurring and immediately set off the alarms. By correlating current and historical security information, QRadar identifies indicators of APTs that would otherwise go unnoticed.

Detect Insider Threats:


Insider threats account for 60 percent of cyber attacks, and they are incredibly difficult to detect.


Using advanced analytics and machine learning algorithms, IBM QRadar can identify high-risk activities, prioritize the riskiest users, uncover compromised credentials and alert security teams to serious incidents.

Securing the Cloud:


As cloud adoption grows, security teams often lack the baseline visibility needed to protect assets in these new environments.


IBM QRadar extends visibility to cloud solutions and platforms by collecting, normalizing and analyzing events to detect threats through deep integrations with cloud services such as Amazon Web Services (AWS), Azure, and Office 365.