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    Detect, assess, and respond to threats faster with advanced threat monitoring by IBM security experts. Minimize the business impact of an attack with continual 24x7 monitoring and correlation with the global threat landscape.

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Many discerning organizations that take the time to thoroughly investigate MSSP's choose IBM Managed Security Services to protect their enterprises. In fact, IBM is recognized in the industry as a managed security services leader. Gartner, Inc., has positioned IBM as a Leader in the Magic Quadrant for Global MSSP's. In addition, IBM is a leader in the Forrester Wave™: Information Security Consulting Services, Q1 2013.

IBM Managed Security Services deliver advanced security solutions for near-real-time security management, including system and identity monitoring and management, emergency response and around- the-clock protection from the Internet’s most critical threats. IBM’s portfolio of security services helps organizations reduce risk, escalating security costs, and complexity, while better managing compliance. The broad portfolio of IBM Managed Security Services solutions includes standard security management and monitoring as well as cloud-based security service offerings.

Managed Security Services (core offerings)

IBM Managed Security Services (core offerings) provide around the-clock monitoring and management of security technologies housed in an organization’s IT environment. Through a single management console, organizations can view their entire security infrastructure and remain actively involved with their information security programs in collaboration with IBM. Offerings include:

  • Firewall management. Providing near-real-time security monitoring, management and analysis of firewall alerts and logs, this service delivers customized protection for less than the cost of many traditional solutions. It helps provide preemptive protection from known and emerging security threats, as well as vendor-neutral support that can help optimize your existing security investments. IBM’s firewall management service keeps you informed with robust and customizable reports, along with executive and technical reporting options.
  • Intrusion detection and prevention system (IDPS) management. This service is designed to improve your security posture by protecting your networks and servers from internal and external threats and intrusions. Additionally, it delivers advanced attack detection by taking a multistep approach to event analysis and attack recognition. This service also provides configuration and customizable reporting, as well as increased visibility into your security events.
  • Managed protection services. These services can deliver expertise in monitoring, management and incident escalation for your IT infrastructure around the clock. Managed protection services represent an enhanced, robust managed security solution from IBM and include IBM’s unique protection guarantee SLAs.
  • Unified threat management. This service comprises two discreet security technologies—protection and content— which correspond to the capabilities available from market leading unified threat management appliances. The protection component supports and manages intrusion prevention systems and firewalls designed to block traditional attacks like worms, Trojans and intruders. The content component provides management and support for web and email filtering and antispam and antivirus technology (where available).
  • Secure web gateway management. Along with ongoing support to help protect critical web-based transactions, this service provides access to a web-based portal designed to optimize your security devices and give you an overall view of your security status. The service supports proxy or cache, content filtering, directory services and application control. In addition, it combines ongoing threat monitoring with advanced policy management capabilities to help improve your security posture.
  • Security intelligence analyst. With this service, you get a dedicated SOC specialist who works with you to analyze your current security posture, review trends in your environment and provide policy tuning and strategic recommendations to strengthen your overall security posture.
  • Managed security information and event management (SIEM). This service provides around-the-clock security monitoring and reporting of activities across the enterprise and for specific users. We help you better identify and respond to threats, manage compliance and optimize your infrastructure investment. Our services, which can be delivered at a more predictable monthly cost, support multivendor SIEM systems and can add value to your existing implementations.

Why IBM Managed Security Services?

IBM’s broad range of solutions across the Managed Security Services portfolio enables end-t o- end security monitoring and management, better visibility and increased efficiency while supporting multiple technologies, vendors and devices. We have nearly 50 years of security experience and more than 3,500 skilled security services professionals with deep expertise in the broad threat landscape. Additionally, we use a simplified, predictable pricing model and a vendor-neutral approach for our core offerings, which helps you better manage costs and optimize the value of your existing security investments. We also provide enhanced flexibility, allowing you to choose the level of service suited to your security infrastructure and to make device configuration changes without per-device restrictions. Solutions and services from IBM systematically integrate both new and existing security capabilities, providing critical visibility and robust controls, and reducing complexity.

The benefits of choosing IBM Managed Security Services

IBM Managed Security Services helps you reduce the need for in- house security resources by allowing you to outsource security operations or supplement existing security teams. We offer the expertise to help you better manage the complex security landscape; provide the extensive industry knowledge needed to evaluate security risk posture; and deliver innovation through security-rich, end-to-end security solutions. IBM Managed Security Services can help you:

  • Improve your security posture. By providing ongoing insight into emerging Internet threats and remediation recommendations, IBM Managed Security Services helps enhance protection, increase business continuity, unify policy management and protect your reputation. The IBM X-Force team delivers deep, continuous security intelligence, while the IBM Virtual SOC portal offers needed visibility, control and automation, enabling more proactive, near-real- time security management.
  • Reduce costs. IBM Managed Security Services and the Virtual SOC can help significantly reduce escalating security management costs. IBM services are designed to reduce the total cost of ownership, allowing you to reallocate resources to other business objectives. Your organization can eliminate the cost of hiring and training additional resources to maintain proper network protection. Other cost savings may result from reduced downtime, optimized infrastructure and improved productivity.
  • Simplify management. The IBM Virtual SOC offers a robust mechanism for enterprise-w ide security management for IBM offerings and other security solutions, as well as practically all domains of risk. IBM helps increase operational efficiencies by virtually eliminating manual audit tasks and reducing the number and complexity of required security controls. IBM Managed Security Services also help reduce redundant security expenses. You can consolidate multivendor environments for easier management while more efficiently managing global operational footprints.
  • Protect service investments. With IBM Managed Security Services, you benefit from guaranteed performance-based SLAs, facilitating 100-percent accountable and reliable protection. Standardized, repeatable and predefined services and asset-based delivery founded on industry-recognized best practices help optimize service investments. Additional protection results from simplified contracts, predictable pricing and access to a broad range of flexible services from one IT service provider.
  • Protect existing IT investments. IBM Managed Security Services are based on a vendor-neutral approach to security management, which supports a variety of device types from many vendors. Integrated services delivery allows for the seamless integration of disparate security technologies, and together with built-in security intelligence, helps improve decision making and enhance infrastructure investments. Enhanced security management is designed to extend the value of your security infrastructure investments by optimizing their performance.
  • Manage compliance better. Through ongoing security monitoring and documented security policies and procedures, IBM Managed Security Services helps you improve your compliance management with government and industry regulations. IBM holds certifications for some of the industry’s most complex compliance regulations and can offer the expertise to assist you in implementing internal and regulatory controls for a wide range of compliance mandates. IBM enables integrated delivery of security technologies required by many regulations, such as firewalls, intrusion protection systems, vulnerability management, and security event and log management.