IBM QRadar SIEM Pricing

IBM QRdaar is not a one size fits all solution and neither are our Managed Service Offerings. QRadar can scale down to some of the smallest environments and scale up to the largest entities in the world. To make things even more complicated for pricing, customers can consume QRadar in a few different ways: as a service, on-premises software, on-premises hardware and sometimes a combinataion of those. In addition to that, there are multiple modules to choose from as well when it comes to desired functionality such as QNI, QVM, Forensics, etc.Our Managed Services pricing is more straight forward than that but it all starts with having your QRadar deployment scoped. NDM technologies is here to help, no matter what stage you're in, so please reach out to get started.

Consumption Models

Consumption Models

QRadar users range from small businesses with a single location, to some of the largest international entities in the world. Having a customer base that diverse, requires flexibility for being able to consume the product in many different ways, being able to start small and scale up with ease. Whether you're a current QRadar user or doing your due diligence to possibly becoming one, having the best fit consumption model will enable us to tailor a solution that is right for you; now and into the future!

QRadar gives you the flexibility to choose your own consumption model:

  • Perpetual
    • On-Premise Hardware
    • On-Premise Software

  • IBM Cloud - SAAS
    • Annual Subscription

  • Your Cloud - Choice of VPC
    • Perpetual Software

  • NDM Hosted
    • Annual Subscription

  • Custom Combinations Available as Well
Sizing Your Environment

Sizing Your Environment

To help us understand what size of solution is needed for your unique environment, we need to understand what you'll be feeding into the SIEM. You can get started by filling out the document to your right ( CLICK HERE to download it) in addition to answering the following questions when sending it in for review.

  • How many of the listed Firewalls are set up as redundant? (Only 1 logs at at time in HA active/passive pairs)
  • Are your listed VPN's stand-alone or built into a FireWall?
  • What is your data retention requirement? (EX: 90 days live, balance of year archived)
  • Deployment Style Preference? (ie. Software, Cloud, Hardare)
  • Do you have interest in any of the following QRadar Portfolio Products?
    • User Behavior Analytics
    • Network Insights (QNI)
    • Vulnerabilty Manager (QVM)
    • Forensics
    • Risk Manager
    • Managed Security Services
Need Help?

Need Help?

Tackling a SIEM project by yourself can be overwhelming and time consuming to say the least. So many marketing messages out there pulling you in different directions, away from actual functionality that your business needs. NDM works with customers going through this same process on a daily basis and is here to help! NDM can provide the following services at NO COST TO YOU!

  • Vendor Comparisons - Sifting through marketing messages from vendors can be very time consuming, misleading, frustrating, and sometimes you can't even get them to show you functionality that they claim to have!
  • Demonstrating Functionality - NDM is a strong believer in use case comparisons for vendors competing. Marketing doesn't come into play when we show you a day in the life of certain scenarios; functionality tells the true story without window dressing!
  • Architecture Design - There are many options for consumption models these days with things to consider such as scalability, functionality, flexibilty, and of course TCO for the offerings. NDM can design the right solution for your needs today while planning for the future!
  • TCO Analysis - Attempting to compare vendors with a true apples to apples breakdown is nearly impossible these days due to all the "extra features" they add to the mix. NDM can help you with a true breakdown to make your TCO analysis valid and accurate.