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Quickly find information wherever it resides—from documents on desktops to email, share drives, SharePoint, or web repositories. Whether it’s supervisory review or in response to legal or regulatory challenge, Proofpoint’s Enterprise Archive and Governance solutions ensure reliable, guaranteed, rapid response time-results to real-time queries. Legal or compliance teams can even self-service search via laptop or mobile devices.

  • Retain email, files, social
  • Get search results in less than 20 seconds
  • Manage unlimited legal holds
  • Dispose of data reliably


Securely archive social media, instant messaging and email


Desktop, shared drive, email, SharePoint, and cloud


Retention and preservation


Data distributed on desktops, networked file shares, SharePoint and cloud


Retain Data

The goal
Organize, store and manage information according to its value—and search it fast.

The problem
Even though a majority of organizations' intellectual property is exchanged in email, legacy email archiving doesn’t provide sufficient retention coverage. It misses social media communications and different types of attachments (not all documents are MS Office-based).

The solution
Today, high value information is everywhere—in email, social media, networked file shares, and lost in PST files. Searching for it when a regulator or Discovery request arrives is not efficient or cost-effective—with multiple points of potential failure. Proofpoint enables you to store every email, attachment, and social media communication, and file it in place on desktops, shared drives, SharePoint, social sites, and more. Our cloud architecture ensures 20-second search response times, even as storage scales to multiple terabytes.

The result
Proofpoint delivers greater control over valuable information to improve readiness and response to legal and regulatory demands.

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Discover Information

The goal
Store, organize, dispose of, and discover your enterprise's files, and ensure consistent enforcement of policies across multiple file types and locations. Readily defend daily actions and business practices to regulators or in litigation.

The problem
As information retention scales to multiple terabytes, and information formats range from email to social media and from MS Office documents to PDFs, it’s far too easy for crucial data to be missed in Discovery.

The solution
Proofpoint provides web- and mobile-based real-time search of every email, attachment, social communication, and more. Cloud architecture ensures 20-second response times even across a range of file-types, locations, and multi-terabyte storage.

The result
Achieve faster, comprehensive, and end-counsel-driven search—which ensures there are no surprises later in a Discovery process.

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Comply with Rules and Regulations

Healthcare Requirements Report

The goal:
For regulatory and legal purposes, ensure you have all the information you’re supposed to have—and don’t have any of the information that was supposed to be deleted.

The problem:
It's difficult for regulated organizations to demonstrate active compliance with regulatory mandates and internal policy—from supervision to retention—often across multiple divisions and geographies.

The solution:
Proofpoint offers very flexible, reliable retention and preservation solutions, including such functionality as segregated policy, supervision, and administration capabilities—even as your organization scales.

The result:
Receive active supervision and consistent application of even disparate policy across multiple file types and locations— so compliance is actively demonstrated as part of daily business.

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Dispose Defensibly

The goal:
Dispose of information reliably and consistently, which is crucial for legal defense and regulatory policy adherence.

The problem:
It is challenging to keep track of which documents fall under which retention and disposal policies across multiple file types and locations.

The solution:
To ensure consistent disposal, Proofpoint applies multiple, overlapping policies to information centrally archived or in place—whether email, social, or documents in desktops, shared drives or SharePoint.

The result:
Benefit from policy enforcement and improved process defensibility—and expect no mistakes, no surprises, and full compliance with external and internal policy.