• Enterprise Applications

It’s the age-old conundrum: the more your business grows, the more business intelligence you generate. Successfully being able to share, store, protect and retrieve the ever-increasing mounds of data can be the competitive edge that accelerates your presence in the marketplace.

As your business matures and evolves, your technology and storage requirements follow a similar growth pattern.

To help you manage these expanding business demands, NDM provides businesses like yours, with an array of storage solutions that fit into your growth plans now, with a strategy to help you grow later.

Capacity Expansion:
Managing and handling an ever-increasing volume of data shouldn’t take time away from running your business. Whether servers have maxed-out internal storage, or you need to anticipate data expansion, adding NDM's direct attached storage (DAS) solutions uses the hard drive technology that you already know and use in your server. Attach a DAS array and now you have immediate access to terabytes of data storage.

File Sharing:
Adding more servers, workstations or mobile devices will demand you have storage technology that your business can access across networks and multiple locations. By adding network attached solutions (NAS), you can use your existing infrastructure and increase storage capacity virtually anywhere you have network access. As you explore NDM’s NAS solutions, you can find solutions from simple tower enclosure systems through advanced rack-mount technology that works in mixed operating system and file-protocol environments.

Storage Consolidation:
Business-critical applications like order entry and financial reporting systems create chunks of data that require large contiguous ‘blocks’ of storage. That means you will need a storage strategy that can expand and accommodate your essential business growth. Look to a NDM storage expert to help you understand, design, and develop a strategy that can help remove the complexity of creating a storage area network (SAN) with the capacity to handle large, single-pools of data.

Wherever you are in growing your business, NDM can help advise you in choosing solutions that not only fit your budget, but deliver the technology that helps you run your business efficiently and economically.