• Enterprise Applications

Over the past few years, many information technology executives have simplified, centralized and virtualized their infrastructures and cut IT expenditures.

Now, organizations are stretching the capabilities of their data centers. They are not only taking advantage of new technologies, sourcing and variable cost models, but working to obtain an end-to-end view of their entire infrastructure. The goal is increased agility in responding to changes in demand, market conditions and organizational imperatives—in short, a firmer foundation from which to achieve high performance.

Whereas in the past, CIOs built data centers to serve a specific business purpose, today they can take advantage of virtualization, orchestration and distribution capabilities to create complete, end-to-end IT services that align to—and deliver—business results.

NDM is a leader in developing and deploying data centers that can position the IT organization—and the business as a whole—for high performance.

With proven assets, deep skills and unparalleled delivery capabilities, we provide data center solutions and services that help organizations not only optimize the delivery of IT, but also usher in a new era of IT service that is aligned with business imperatives.

NDM offers next-generation data center solutions that lay the foundation for cloud computing and IT service provisioning and management. Our data center technology solutions include:

  • Server virtualization and optimization. NDM can centralize more than 80 percent, standardize up to 95 percent and consolidate up to 50 percent of an organization's existing servers. This helps clients achieve a 30 to 50 percent reduction in total cost of server ownership, helps increase server reliability and availability, and helps reduce capital expenditures.
  • Storage transformation. We assist clients looking to transition to networked storage and eliminate duplicate environments, helping improve storage utilization, investment returns and the availability of the enterprise data. Large organizations can save tens of millions of dollars during the first year and reduce their total cost of ownership by 30 to 55 percent.
  • Database technologies. NDM's solutions help clients improve IT productivity, reduce the total cost of ownership associated with database technologies, and drive more value from their information assets.
  • Orchestration and provisioning. By automating a number of capabilities to integrate individual components of IT—from server and storage environments to applications—into a seamless service, we help companies reduce delivery costs by up to 30 percent and delivery times from days to minutes.
  • Data center design and location consolidation. We help clients consolidate their data center footprints. Ultimately, this helps ensure that data center designs address “green IT” issues related to power use, power sourcing and climate controls.
  • Cloud migration. We help clients extend their IT provisioning capabilities to take advantage of both intra-enterprise and extra-enterprise clouds, thereby enabling true end-to-end IT service provisioning and management.
  • Power & Cooling. Conserving energy while maintaining an efficient and low-cost data center is becoming increasingly difficult in today’s environmental climate. As utility rates continue to rise, power and cooling costs also increase. NDM is ready to implement your data center infrastructure management system today.

Our data center operations solutions include:

  • Maturity Model for ITIL assessment. Our robust diagnostic solution assesses all aspects of a client’s IT operations against ITIL practices and identifies opportunities for improvement.
  • Business service management. We help clients align IT services to business priorities to drive business results.
  • Service management. We help clients manage their IT operations as a business, introducing business practices including governance, workload management and financial management.
  • Service delivery. We help IT organizations assess the quality of their service delivery, transform their infrastructure and move toward dynamically provisioned service and cloud computing.
  • IT asset management. Our systematic, ITIL-based approach to IT asset management enables clients to control the total cost of ownership for IT assets throughout their life cycles.
  • IT service catalog. We help clients define a standard set of IT services that meet the needs of their business. They can then provision these services from either intra- or extra-enterprise clouds.