• Enterprise Applications

To compete effectively, you need an IT infrastructure that can scale quickly to meet dynamic business demands and maximize utilization of your IT investment. NDM has developed a growing portfolio of efficient cloud computing solutions to help you achieve that flexible infrastructure.

Whether you’re taking an evolutionary approach through virtualization or a more revolutionary approach by building an infrastructure from scratch, NDM brings the cloud down to earth. We offer consulting, cloud computing components and turnkey solutions based on pretested, preassembled, fully-supported hardware, software and services.

Along with our cloud reference architectures, these solutions enable you to deploy and manage private, public or hybrid cloud infrastructures quickly, easily and successfully.

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The Value of Cloud Computing

Cloud computing enables your IT organization to respond faster to the needs of your business, while driving greater operational efficiencies.

Your Cloud Computing Strategy

Whether your approach is evolutionary or revolutionary, NDM can help you identify the ideal path for your cloud journey.

Implementing Cloud Computing

When you're ready to deploy your solution, NDM has the expertise and solutions to help you succeed - from virtualization of IT resources to deployment of private or public clouds.

Cloud Computing Components

NDM is your one-stop shop for the components of a complete cloud solution - including services, software and hardware.

  • Software as a Service
  • Cloud Consulting Services
  • Platform as a Service
  • Infrastructure as a Service
  • Servers Optimized for the Cloud
  • Cloud Software
  • Storage Optimized for the Cloud