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Are your applications safe?

Attacks have become more financially motivated, and organizations have improved the security of their network, desktop and server infrastructures in response. So, there has been a shift to application-level attacks as this is one last area of oversight for some organizations. Static application security testing (SAST) is one of the technology markets aimed at combatting this threat.

With so many different SAST vendors out there, it can get difficult to select the right solution. That's where NDM comes in. Since 1994, we have been specializing in helping organizations identify which security solution capabilities would be ideal for their unique environment. Contact us to learn more about SAST.


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Fortify Software Security Center is a suite of tightly integrated solutions for fixing and preventing security vulnerabilities in applications.

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Checkmarx is a unique source code analysis solution that provides tools for identifying, tracking, and repairing technical and logical flaws in the source code, such as security vulnerabilities, compliance issues, and business logic problems.

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