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NDM's proven track record and longevity in Information Technology has helped it establish multiple partnerships with industry leaders. NDM's technology architects have an expansive knowledge of our partner's hardware and software offerings. When you contact us, we will review your organization's needs and determine your best solution. If you need further assistance with a given product, we also provide services that can help enhance your business processes and make for a more efficient and profitable system. Just take a look at our services page to get a better idea.


Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) technology has primarily been driven by both security and compliance needs. This technology provides Security Information Management (SIM) which is basically log management and compliance reporting and it provides Security Event Management (SEM) which is real-time monitoring and incident management for security-related events from applications, networks, security devices, and systems.

With so many different SIEM vendors out there, as well as most of them having differentiating technologies burried beneath the marketing papers, it can get difficult in selecting the right SIEM solution. That's where NDM comes in. We will analyze your unique invirment and dtermine which solution is ideal for your compliance needs and current managment capabilities.

Service Option Available:

If your SOC is already overloaded and can't keep eyes on screen 24/7, you might need an MSSP solution.
We handle the SIEM, and your SOC handles the important tech issues.

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As attacks have become more financially motivated, and as organizations have improved the security of their network, desktop and server infrastructures, there has been a shift to application-level attacks. Static application security testing (SAST) is one of the technology markets aimed at security applications.

With so many different SAST vendors out there, it can get difficult in selecting the right solution. That's where NDM comes in. We have been specializing in helping organizations identify which security solution capabilities would be ideal for their unique environment. If you want to read more about our SAST offerings go to our SAST page.

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