Symantec Mobile Management

Symantec Mobile Management (SMM) 7.2 is a scalable MDM platform that enterprises can rely on to enable, secure and manage mobile devices. SMM enables enterprise-wide mobile email and application rollouts, safeguards mobile data and devices and provides comprehensive visibility and control of the mobile environment. Built on an enterprise-proven and globally deployed platform, SMM provides the scalability and robustness for enterprises to mobilize with confidence. Supports iOS, Android and Windows Phone platforms.

New Features

Symantec Mobile Management (SMM) 7.2 supports all popular platforms, including iOS 6, with functionality in three core areas:
Enable devices for use in corporate environment. This includes providing access to key corporate assets, such as email, calendars, critical mobile applications, documents, and media content.
Secure devices and data on all devices. This includes activating appropriate password and access controls as well as maintaining separation of corporate data and personal data.
Manage all devices in the enterprise from a single centralized solution. This includes visibility and control over all phases of device lifecycle with needed administrative and helpdesk options.

Key Features


  • Enterprise Enrollment SMM helps prevent unauthorized shadow enrollments and provides a standard and automated provisioning process. Features include authorization based on group, minimum OS, authentication with LDAP, and jailbreak/rooted status.
  • Self-service Activation SMM helps reduce IT handholding and provides an easy end-user driven activation process. Features include automated configuration of device settings with native agents for iOS, Android and Windows Phone.
  • Business Email SMM solves the popular requirement of providing access to corporate e-mail. Features include automatic configuration for native and 3rd party email clients that connect to mail servers like MS Exchange, Office 365, Gmail and Lotus Notes.
  • Enterprise Apps SMM helps realize new business models that leverage enterprise mobile applications. Features include an in-house app store with ability to distribute internal or public apps. Provides control over managed apps with lifecycle management features.
  • Corporate Content SMM enables mobile collaboration by making content available on end user device of choice. Distribute documents, videos and media files by targeting specific groups, users, languages, operating system, compliance or any device attribute. Update and revoke content seamlessly.
  • Network Access SMM enables access to corporate network resources like Wi-Fi and VPN. Supports all protocols and authentication methods and automates configuration settings.


  • Policy Management SMM ensures corporate compliance by enabling advanced security settings on devices. All policy options including passwords, remote wipe, and resource and app restrictions are available and can be targeted to specific user/device/OS/group.
  • Strong Authentication SMM extends enterprise identity requirements to devices with automated provisioning and processing of certificates. Can be used for authentication requirements on Email, Wi-Fi & VPN and integrates with Symantec MPKI & Microsoft CAs.
  • Secure Email Access SMM enforces access control policies for mobile email. Enables advanced allow/restrict rules based on groups, device compliance or device attributes in Exchange 2010 or F5 environments. In F5 environments, the restriction policy can also limit email access to specific apps: native or 3rd party (Ex: Android TouchDown).
  • Secure Email App SMM allows advanced email security policies by leveraging Nitrodesk TouchDown, a dedicated 3rd party email app. Initially for Android, this app enables advanced security policies like authentication, encryption and copy paste restrictions.
  • Compliance & Remediation SMM enables administrators to allow only compliant devices. Define compliance using device status (jailbreak, encryption), user status (group membership), or app status (required apps, blacklisted apps), and get remediation details for any non-compliant devices.
  • Data Separation SMM limits data loss & privacy concerns by separating corporate and personal data. Remove only corporate data upon employee departure, without touching personal data. Identifies corporate email, apps, docs, and any other content.


  • Centralized Management SMM allows IT to use a single solution to manage all mobile devices. Allows enterprise grade management with a scalable and mail server agnostic architecture. Supports distributed deployments with role based access control
  • Integrated Management SMM enables efficient management of all the computing devices in the enterprise with a unified solution for managing Macs, PCs, iPhones and Androids in the same console either with Symantec IT Management Suite or Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager.
  • App Management SMM allows management of all enterprise apps through the lifecycle phases with over-the-air (OTA) control. Distribute and update apps with group based management and leverage integration with Apple Volume Purchase Programs and B2B Plans.
  • App Curation SMM keeps enterprise mobile ecosystem safe with policy driven blacklisting. In addition to preventing unauthorized backup of corporate apps, policy options also allow blocking and revocation of blacklisted apps and corresponding devices from the enterprise.
  • Dashboards & Reports SMM provides exact details of enterprise mobile assets at all times by leveraging built-in dashboards, reports and alerts. Comprehensive user, device, app, and profile details are available for additional custom reports as well.
  • Automated Actions SMM make mobility management efficient by automating administrative and operational tasks. In addition to built-in automated processes, management console includes an intuitive drag and drop user interface for creation of custom actions.

Key Benefits

Enables mobility in the enterprise by providing a security and management solution for all popular devices, both corporate and personally owned. Enterprise grade architecture that supports 20,000+ devices from a single instance.
Secures corporate data with enterprise grade policy management and clear separation of corporate and personal data. Integrates with Symantec’s trusted Managed PKI, Data Loss Prevention and Endpoint Protection technologies.
Optimizes operational costs by allowing standardization - one platform for managing ALL endpoints and applications in the enterprise. Integrates with Symantec ITMS to provide unified endpoint management.

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