IBM MobileEnterprise

Safeguard your mobile enterprise as you manage and secure mobile devices, data, applications and services throughout their lifecycles. Deliver device management and security across device types and operating systems for superior visibility and control.

Manage devices and applications

Gain realtime visibility into your hardware, software, configuration, and location data — so you can manage your assets more efficiently. A mobile enterprise can confidently oversee employee mobile devices as effectively as its organizational assets.

Enhance your business process and discover untapped potential when you distribute and update mobile applications through an enterprise app store, unify the management of mobile devices along with PCs and servers, and receive instant dashboard updates. Easily choose mobile device capabilities based on device ownership.

Help secure data, apps, and devices

Defend yourself in the mobile "Wild West." You need to provide secure transactions from an array of devices, from around the world, while keeping your networks safe and efficient. And with employees using personal mobile devices, with access to corporate resources, your IT team needs to gain close control over those devices.

IBM helps you defend against malware, provides security-enabled connectivity, and delivers security-conscious applications and application platforms. Our key security products include integrated, one-view dashboards and functionality to help secure any type of endpoint or network, whether to a smartphone, PC, server or router.

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Ensuring application security in mobile device environments

Detect, analyze and eliminate application security vulnerabilities with IBM Security AppScan.
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Securing mobile devices in the business environment

Mobile devices must be treated just like any other IT equipment, with appropriate security controls.
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Managing the growing pains in today’s expanding networks

In a rapidly changing world, devices, data and infrastructure demand a new plan.

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