App Delivery Network

As organizations expand their mobile apps initiatives, they find those apps get larger and more broadly distributed across the employee base. Suddenly, the corporate network becomes a bottleneck because it was not designed to handle spiky app download traffic. As a result, app distribution is slow and creates both unacceptable latency for the user and unsustainable load on the network.

The MobileIron App Delivery Network offloads app provisioning to a highly secure external network that provides reliable app delivery without load or latency. Mobile IT can now quickly, securely, and reliably deliver any size app to any number of devices anywhere in the world.

The App Delivery Network integrates seamlessly with the MobileIron Apps@Work enterprise app storefront. The app upload experience of the administrator and the app download experience of the end-user remain unchanged so no additional training is required.

The App Delivery Network has multi-level end-to-end security to protect enterprise data. All connections are protected; PCI compliance is enforced; access links are dynamically generated; and facilities are secured.

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Advanced Mobile Device Management

MobileIron combines traditional mobile device management capabilities with advanced security, data visibility, apps management, and access control powered by the Virtual Smartphone Platform Architecture. IT administrators can manage and secure the mobile apps, docs, and devices, from registration to retirement, and quickly get smartphone operations under control.

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MobileIron offers the most complete, end-to-end solution for securing and managing mobile enterprise apps. MobileIron Apps@Work is the private app storefront that allows IT to distribute approved apps securely and enables end-users to discover and download them easily.

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App Delivery Network

The MobileIron App Delivery Network dramatically improves download speed for the delivery of in-house mobile apps to end-user devices without putting any burden on the corporate network.

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MobileIron Docs@Work gives the end user an intuitive way to access, store, and view documents from email and SharePoint and lets the administrator establish data loss prevention controls to protect these documents from unauthorized distribution.

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MobileIron Sentry for iPad

MobileIron Sentry has a companion iPad app to provide IT with visibility and control to protect the enterprise perimeter. With a simple, elegant interface designed for the iPad’s large screen, IT can now track mobile device access into the enterprise and take the appropriate allow, block, or register actions.

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AppConnect and AppTunnel Datasheet

Advanced Security for Mobile Apps

As mobile becomes a primary computing platform for the enterprise, every business function will mobilize core operations through apps. Learn how to prevent data loss as mobile apps become business-critical and widely adopted.

Download AppConnect and AppTunnel Datasheet

Multi-User for Shared iOS Devices Datasheet

Speed, security, and personalization are the core requirements for a scalable multi-user mobile deployment.

Download Multi-User for Shared iOS Devices Datasheet

MobileIron for Android Datasheet

MobileIron provides the most secure and powerful mobility solutions for the Android enterprise, for both BYOD rollouts and app-centered initiatives.

Download MobileIron for Android Datasheet

MobileIron Value Proposition Datasheet

Enterprise mobility is a young but exceptionally fast-growing industry. As a result, many vendors claim to provide security and management solutions, and it becomes very difficult for IT to separate fact from fiction. This document answers the questions a potential customer might ask about the MobileIron value proposition.

Download MobileIron Value Proposition Datasheet

MobileIron Product Overview

The Platform for Mobile IT

Download the MobileIron Products datasheet to learn about the only Mobile IT solution  purpose-built to secure and manage mobile apps, documents, and devices.

Download Product Datasheet

Docs@Work Datasheet

MobileIron® Docs@Work gives the end user an intuitive way to access, store, and view documents from email and SharePoint and lets the administrator establish data loss prevention controls to protect these documents from unauthorized distribution. Employees can now take full advantage of the iPhone and iPad for secure enterprise content and collaboration.

Download Docs@Work Datasheet »

OS X Datasheet

Security and Management for the Mac

Download this datasheet to learn how companies gain enterprise-grade security and management for the Mac, enabling organizations to manage Mac computers along with mobile devices such as iPhones and iPads.

Download OS X Datasheet »

Atlas Datasheet

Centralized Monitoring and Reporting

MobileIron Atlas is a proactive advanced management console that provides highly scalablemonitoring, troubleshooting, and device management for administrators, users, applications, and devices across the Mobile IT lifecycle.

Download Atlas Datasheet »

App Delivery Network Datasheet

Fast Deployment of Any Size App, to Any Number of Devices, Anywhere in the World

Download the MobileIron App Delivery Network datasheet and learn about the industry’s first solution for distributing apps at scale.

Download App Delivery Network Datasheet »

Connected Cloud Datasheet

Securing the Mobile Enterprise with Connected Cloud

Download the MobileIron Connected Cloud Datasheet and learn about the only cloud-based mobile device management solution to offer real-time integration with the existing enterprise resources.

Download Connected Cloud Datasheet »

iOS Datasheet

iPhone and iPad Management & Security

Download the iOS Product Datasheet to learn how MobileIron enables companies to deploy iPhones and iPads at scale by bridging the gap between the security and control IT needs and the experience end-users demand.

Download iOS Datasheet »

Samsung Android Datasheet

Android Management & Security

Download the MobileIron for Samsung Android Datasheet to learn how MobileIron and Samsung are working together to provide the most secure and powerful mobility solutions for the Android enterprise, for both BYOD rollouts and corporate-driven app initiatives.

Docs@Work: DLP and Secure Access for Mobile Content

Docs@Work solvesthe core content challenge for Mobile IT: Provide a great mobile user experience without sacrificing document security. MobileIron is the only Mobile IT platform to provide secure access and data loss prevention controls across content from both enterprise email and SharePoint.

Download Whitepaper »

Real-World Scale for Mobile IT: Nine Core Performance Requirements

As the leader in Mobile IT, MobileIron has worked with hundreds of Global 2000 companies to scale their mobile deployments. This experience has identified nine core performance requirements for real-world scale in large mobile enterprises. Download our Mobile IT Scale whitepaper to understand and implement these requirements.

Download Whitepaper »

Android Bootcamp

This white paper provides a guide to getting started with Android mobile devices in the enterprise.  Featured topics include an overview of the Android platform, software releases and getting applications, as well as core functionality, including storage, backup and restore, USB ports, and security.

Download Whitepaper »

Mitigating the Risk of Mobile Data Loss on iOS

For Secure Enterprise Mobility it’s critical to mitigate risk and demonstrate compliance. Using iOS and MobileIron, these best practices are essential to integrate into existing data security initiatives. These steps are deployed with the current production release of MobileIron and iOS 5 smartphones and tablets.

Download Whitepaper »

Five Steps to Android Readiness, Chapter 1

Learn more about the newest Enterprise Android Best Practices from MobileIron customers. The paper also details baseline capabilities an Android device should support before it is considered enterprise-ready. This is the first in a series of papers on Android best practices for the enterprise. Consumers typically buy Android smartphones and tablets for personal use, but as they become more dependent on mobile devices and apps to run their lives, they also want to bring them to work (BYOD).

Download Whitepaper »

Limitations of the Walled Garden for “Bring-Your-Own-Device” (BYOD), Chapter 2

This is the second part in a MobileIron Whitepaper series designed to help organizations develop their “BYOD” (bring-your-own-device) strategies for personally-owned smartphones and tablets in the enterprise. Chapter 1 of the series, “Building Bring Your Own Device Strategies,” introduced core components of a BYOD program. Chapter II compares two technical approaches to BYOD: the walled garden vs. the enterprise workspace. The “enterprise workspace” approach to BYOD is secure, cost-effective, extends to apps, and drives user satisfaction. It allows IT to configure, monitor, and control enterprise data and access across the mobile device without compromising the native user experience. This is the approach MobileIron takes to BYOD. We will describe this approach in detail in Chapter 3 of this series.

Download BYOD White Paper, Chapter 2 »

Building “Bring-Your-Own-Device” (BYOD) Strategies, Chapter 1

Many organizations are considering personally-owned mobile devices for business apps. Their goal is to drive employee satisfaction and productivity through the use of new technologies, while simultaneously reducing mobile expenses. This BYOD trend is one of the more dramatic results of the consumerization of IT, in which consumer preference, not corporate initiative, drives the adoption of technologies in the enterprise. However, many of these technologies were not built with enterprise requirements in mind, so IT teams often feel uncomfortable about security and supportability.

Download BYOD White Paper, Chapter 1 »

FINRA Guidance for Mobile Deployments (United States)

FINRA, the United States securities regulator, has provided guidance over the last several years on the use of BYOD and social media in the financial services industry. This paper summarizes how MobileIron security enforcement, app policies, and mobile device management controls can be integrated into a FINRA compliance process.

Download Whitepaper »

Smart about Smartphones Whitepaper Volume IV

MobileIron Sentry for Control and Visibility into ActiveSync Devices

Download MobileIron's smartphone white paper (volume IV) and learn how MobileIron Sentry provides the infrastructure needed for enterprises to meet the challenges of the requirements that ActiveSync does not meet.

Download Smartphone White Paper, Volume IV »

Smart about Smartphones Whitepaper Volume III

Mobility in Healthcare: Results from the Road

Download MobileIron's smartphone white paper (volume III). Ajay Mishra, Co-Founder and Chief Customer Officer at MobileIron, interviews the CIO staff of ten hospitals and healthcare providers across the U.S. to understand the role mobility is playing in their IT and patient care strategies.

Download Smartphone White Paper, Volume III »

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