McAfee SaaS Email Encryption

McAfee SaaS Email EncryptionAs with all of our cloud-based security solutions, McAfee SaaS Email Encryption offers enterprise-level performance to help organizations with data loss prevention and email data protection. Designed with the business users in mind, SaaS Email Encryption is an easy-to-activate and easy-to-manage solution built on a foundation of trusted and proven standards-based encryption technologies. Together with deep content inspection capabilities, pre-built extensive compliance libraries help speed the time to demonstrating compliance, ranging from regulatory, regional, or corporate requirements. SaaS Email Encryption is available as an addition to SaaS Email Protection and Continuity.

Identify sensitive data quickly with built-in compliance templates — In addition to regular expression technology to identify keywords and phrases, SaaS Email Encryption has hundreds of pre-built data loss prevention rules that are also included in McAfee Data Loss Prevention, enabling you to leverage advanced data loss protection and compliance capabilities from our industry-leading technology. Features include the ability to fingerprint and register documents to detect and block key documents — or even select language from within those documents — from being emailed out of the organization.

Drive consistency with customizable, policy-driven encryption — As an IT administrator, you can use the unified, web-based console to set, review, and customize privacy policies (policy-driven encryption), so confidential content is automatically encrypted. You can also customize and enforce multiple policies for respective user groups, branch offices, and lines of business.

Easy-to-use translates to an elevated security posture — Technology is only as useful as its adoption, and SaaS Email Encryption was designed with that in mind. Simply send your email and the content, including over 300 attachment types, is automatically scanned and encrypted if it matches the policy set by the administrator. This occurs transparently behind the scenes. You can also tag your email to be encrypted by simply adding "[encrypt]" to the subject line or within the message body. As a recipient, you can retrieve the message from the web-based message pick-up portal (pull encryption) or read an encrypted message that was sent to your inbox through a browser reader (push encryption). When you reply, the message will also be encrypted, providing you with bidirectional protection.

Features & Benefits

Build trust in email communication

Assure your customers, partners, and employees that emails tagged to contain sensitive data will not be visible to prying eyes. McAfee SaaS Email Encryption provides an easy-to-use secure communication channel to encrypt both outgoing email and replies, even if your recipient doesn’t have an encryption solution in place.

Protect your assets

Define policies to shield sensitive company data from open Internet exposure. SaaS Email Encryption protects your sensitive email data from being transmitted outside the network. Scan and secure 300+ document types, keeping your organization protected from data loss.

Fast track to data privacy and security regulations compliance

Take advantage of advanced data loss protection and compliance capabilities, leveraging industry-leading technology from McAfee. Pre-built content rules for PCI-DSS, healthcare, financial data, regional privacy regulations, and more help you quickly create compliance policies.

Stay protected on the move

Use McAfee’s encryption solutions while on the move. SaaS Email Encryption is easy to use from any email client for both the sender and recipient.

Avoid capital expenditure

Get the most sophisticated features at the most attractive price point. With Security-as-a-Service (Security SaaS), there’s no hardware or software to buy or maintain, and no long-term contract commitment.

Make encryption easy

Enjoy an in-the-cloud solution that scales appropriately to fit your business needs, so you’ll never see declining performance as your encryption needs grow.

Gain granular, policy-driven control

Set up user groups and customize policies. You can apply policies for the entire organization, separate lines of business, multiple domains, and individual users.

Get 24/7 customer support

Count on our highly trained support specialists for answers to your questions and help resolving any issue, around the clock.

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Unbeatable Prices

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