McAfee Risk Advisor

McAfee Risk AdvisorWhen enterprises deploy security products, they're often flying blind, unsure if they’re underprotected or overprotected, and struggling to balance business objectives and productivity with the right amount of security. McAfee Risk Advisor takes the guesswork out of protecting critical assets by proactively correlating a threat feed with vulnerability and countermeasure information to pinpoint at-risk critical assets that require immediate attention. Risk Advisor helps determine what countermeasures you need, and when you need them, enabling businesses to defend against the very real threats faced daily, including malicious hackers, viral malware, and other emerging dangers.

Improved visibility into risk posture — Risk Advisor provides an “at-a-glance” view of the risks facing an enterprise and pinpoints areas that need attention. From Risk Advisor's global risk dashboards, you can quickly drill down to get granular details of a threat and how it relates to specific assets.

Consolidated threat feed viewer — Get updated information about new and current threats from millions of collection points, delivered by our renowned research organization, McAfee Labs. In addition to threat descriptions and analyses, the threat feed supplies recommended remediation, links to threat discussion groups and notices, various risk-scoring methods, a list of applications impacted, and insight into how threats affect regulatory mandates. Risk Advisor maps the threat feed to specific McAfee countermeasures that are deployed (or should be deployed) to ensure an optimized security posture. Ultimately, Risk Advisor provides a clear ROI, enabling you to focus your priorities.

Features & Benefits

Improve operational efficiencies and optimize security investment

Balance your security spend with the productivity needs of your business while automating the manual and time-consuming process of correlating threats to assets at risk.

Enhance visibility with simplified reporting

Use the “At Risk” and “Not at Risk” view of all the assets in your environment to quickly understand which assets are at risk and where to focus your security efforts.

Stay compliant with regulations

See which regulations are impacted by a specific threat, and what corrective actions are required to ensure compliance.

Demonstrate measurable ROI for existing security products

Illuminate the positive impact of deployed countermeasures as threats materialize.

Establish your enterprise risk level

See how at risk your enterprise is to threats. Risk Advisor provides a quantifiable measure for evaluating risk mitigation efforts that unifies vulnerability/threat status, asset criticality, and countermeasure protection available for threats.

Prioritize patches

Focus on critical patching efforts using a customizable patch prioritization dashboard.

Integrate with several marquee McAfee products

Plug Risk Advisor directly into several McAfee products, including ePolicy Orchestrator, VirusScan Enterprise, Policy Auditor, Vulnerability Manager, Host Intrusion Protection, Network Security Manager, and more.

Streamline threat analysis with consolidated viewer

Gain insight into vital information about a specific threat, including threat descriptions and overview, detailed analysis, remediation and recommended actions, links to notices and exploit discussions, different risk-scoring methods, applications impacted, and threat impact on various regulatory mandates.

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