McAfee Application Control

McAfee Application ControlMcAfee Application Control software provides an effective way to block unauthorized applications and code on servers, corporate desktops, and fixed-function devices. This centrally managed whitelisting solution uses a dynamic trust model and innovative security features that thwart advanced persistent threats — without requiring signature updates or labor-intensive list management.

Complete protection from unwanted applications — Application Control extends coverage to executable files, libraries, drivers, Java apps, ActiveX controls, scripts, and specialty code for greater control over application components.

Flexibility for desktop users and server admins — IT can empower select desktop and server users to approve new apps instantly, and IT can choose to approve or reject these new apps during their routine audit.

Viable security for fixed-function and legacy systems — Application Control has a small footprint and low performance overhead, making it the perfect solution for protecting fixed-function devices, such as kiosks and point-of-sale (POS) terminals. It also extends protection to your legacy Windows NT and Windows 2000 systems.

Minimize patching while protecting memory — Allows you to delay patch deployment until your regular patch cycle. In addition, it prevents whitelisted applications from being exploited via memory buffer overflow attacks on Windows 32- and 64-bit systems.

Centralized, integrated management — Leverage your investment in the McAfee ePolicy Orchestrator (McAfee ePO) platform. McAfee ePO software integrates all McAfee and security and risk management products from McAfee Security Innovation Alliance partners for a single view of enterprise security management.

Features & Benefits

Reduce risks from unauthorized applications and code

Allow only trusted applications to run on your endpoints, fixed-function devices, and servers. McAfee Application Control also stops malware — whether binaries, kernel components, DLLs, ActiveX controls, scripts, or Java components — from executing.

Save time and lower costs with dynamic whitelisting

Maximize administrator efficiency with a dynamic trust model that does not require signature updates or labor-intensive list management.

Reduce patch cycles and protect memory

Eliminate “patch panic” using a validated countermeasure that maintains your regular patch cycles and prevents whitelisted applications from being exploited via memory buffer overflow attacks on Windows 32- and 64-bit systems.

Inform and empower users with user-friendly notifications (optional)

Educate desktop users about disallowed applications with informative pop-up messages that can prompt them to seek approvals via email or helpdesk requests.

Extend the lifespan of legacy systems

Protect older systems that OS and security vendors no longer support, such as Windows NT and Windows 2000, while alleviating the need to patch these systems.

Safeguard field units and fixed-function devices

Take advantage of our transparent model that requires negligible CPU and memory usage.

Thwart advanced persistent threats with Global Threat Intelligence

Know the reputation of every file and application in your environment with real-time Global Threat Intelligence that automatically categorizes them as good, bad, and unknown.

Use central management to increase efficiency

Optimize and simplify management with the McAfee ePolicy Orchestrator (McAfee ePO) platform. Oversee and administer all your security protections from a single, centralized console that spans McAfee products, Security Innovation Alliance Partner products, and homegrown applications.

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