McAfee One Time Password

McAfee One Time PasswordMcAfee One Time Password enables you to rapidly deploy two-factor authentication, including soft tokens, so that remote and mobile employees can securely access critical information while maintaining compliance. The password security offering includes strong two-factor authentication and streamlined deployment and management, reducing operational effort and costs associated with traditional and legacy one time password solutions.

Choose authentication methods based off of your business needs and requirements — Out-of-the-box authentication methods include software token, USB tokens, Intel Identity Protection Technology (IPT), any OATH-based token, SMS, email, instant messages, and voice one time passwords.

Send one-time passwords through Simple Message Service (SMS) — Use the McAfee SMS add-on to send one-time passwords. The McAfee SMS add-on is agentless, easy to use, and seamlessly integrates within the McAfee One Time Password server (available in specific countries).

Features & Benefits

Prevent unauthorized access to critical systems with strong authentication

Eliminate unauthorized access by combining user-specific knowledge (user name and password) with a one time password code. With strong authentication, even leaked credentials will not be sufficient to contribute to malicious activity.

Gain flexibility and scalability to your authentication solution

Manage protection to applications on the fly without downtime or use the built-in cluster function for high availability. The One Time Password solution is deployed in organizations of all sizes, ranging from 10 to over 100,000.

Enable compliance where out-of-band authentication is required

Authenticate users with one time passwords sent through SMS, email, or instant message to support regulations, including Payment Card Industry (PCI) and others. Compliance may regulate the use of out-of-band methods.

Save time on deployment

By design, the McAfee One Time Password solution is easy to deploy compared to traditional legacy one time password management solutions and hard tokens. Installation and configuration, even for complex systems, can be done in minutes or hours (and not days or weeks).

Simplify administration and monitoring

Get full control over the system with the Web Manager management tool, which allows you to assign tokens and unlock accounts directly from the web interface.

Reduce administration cost with Software Token Pledge

Hardware tokens require heavy administration and logistics which raise costs. With The One Time Password Software Token Pledge, these costs are severely reduced.

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