McAfee Network Security Platform

McAfee Network Security PlatformMcAfee, the global leader in network intrusion prevention systems (IPS), delivers unprecedented levels of security while offering flexible deployment options that allow organizations to optimize investments in network security. McAfee Network Security Platform provides category-best security effectiveness, scalable multigigabit performance, and next-generation network IPS controls that take the guesswork out of network security management.

With Network Security Platform you get a unified network security solution for physical and virtual environments that streamlines security operations and protects your business from the latest network security threats, including malware, zero-day attacks, botnets, denial-of-service attempts, and advanced targeted attacks. It enables you to take control of your network with predictive threat intelligence, application visibility and control, network behavior analysis, and real-time threat awareness.

Features & Benefits

Get class-leading protection

McAfee Network Security Platform delivers better out-of-the-box security effectiveness than most network intrusion prevention systems (IPS) achieve after significant tuning. With tens of thousands of sensors deployed worldwide, Network Security Platform is the industry’s most proven and effective network IPS for preventing preventing security threats, including advanced malware, zero-day threats, denial-of-service attacks, and botnets.

Attain multigigabit performance

Never let network security get in the way of network performance. Network Security Platform combines a single-pass, protocol-based inspection architecture with purpose-built, carrier-class hardware to achieve real-world inspection of over 10 Gbps in a single network security appliance even with full protection enabled.

Improve security effectiveness with predictive threat intelligence

Boost in-line prevention of traditional and emerging attacks with McAfee Global Threat Intelligence (GTI). McAfee GTI assesses the reputation of network communications based on billions of unique file, IP, URL, protocol, and geo-location data around the globe.

Enable application awareness and control

Make informed decisions about how applications and protocols are used on your network. Network Security Platform is the first and only network intrusion prevention solution to combine advanced threat prevention and application awareness into a single security decision engine. It correlates threat activity with application usage through Layer 7 visibility of over 1,100 applications and protocols.

Expand network visibility

See further into your network than ever before and get a clear understanding of system, application, and user behavior with network anomaly detection. Network Security Platform dramatically extends the purview of traditional network IPS to easily identify bots and other malicious activity by analyzing flow data from switches and routers anywhere in the enterprise.

Implement context-aware security

Get aggressive with network security without the risk of increasing false positives. McAfee correlates data across several sources — McAfee GTI, vulnerability scans, application behavior, and system behavior — to confidently identify network attacks and automatically prevent malicious activity.

Enable built-in access control

Add the optional McAfee Network Access Control (NAC) software to turn Network Security Platform into a NAC device that offers pre- and post-admission control, identity-based access control, host quarantine, and enforceable access policies.

Manage security. Manage risk.

Give your organization a consolidated view of risk and compliance across the enterprise. Network Security Platform integrates directly with McAfee ePolicy Orchestrator (ePO) to provide up-to-the-minute assessments of at-risk infrastructure based on system vulnerabilities, network defenses, and endpoint security configurations.

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