McAfee Cloud Identity Manager

McAfee Cloud Identity ManagerMcAfee Cloud Identity Manager relieves the pain that end users have managing multiple passwords for cloud applications. Cloud Identity Manager allows you to enforce corporate standards for cloud application access and improves productivity for IT and end users by relieving password reset requests.

Complete control of the cloud access security lifecycle — Cloud Identity Manager provides single sign-on (SSO), automated provisioning, strong authentication, authorization, and consolidated auditing.

Plug-and-play cloud connectors — Get out-of-the-box integration with popular cloud-based applications, including and Google Apps. No coding or separate purchases of tool kits are required. Simply pick your cloud application from the console menu and you are ready to go. Quick implementation means a better return on your investment and a faster time to value.

Features & Benefits

Improve usability and productivity from a single sign-on (SSO)

Leverage existing corporate identity systems and directories (e.g., Active Directory) to provide SSO to both internal and cloud-based applications. SSO improves the user experience while enforcing corporate requirements for passwords and reducing password reset requests.

Get strong two-factor authentication

Strengthen overall application access security and reduce the risk of data loss and fraud through policy-based enforcement. McAfee Cloud Identity Manager includes a one-time password (OTP) module that provides everything you need to implement strong security for your cloud application access. Flexible and easy to use, OTP modules use a variety of authentication methods, including passwords sent through SMS, email, and instant messenger. Options also include hardware or USB tokens, software apps on mobile devices, and Identity Protection Technology (IPT) on Intel processors or any OATH-based token.

Improve productivity with automated provisioning

Auto provision and de-provision cloud accounts by integrating with the enterprise directory. Automated provisioning enables you to quickly onboard new users, improving productivity. Changes in user roles and attributes are automatically synchronized across all cloud application accounts, and accounts are instantly disabled when employees are removed from the corporate system.

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