McAfee Virtual Patching for Databases

McAfee Virtual Patching for DatabasesMcAfee Virtual Patching for Databases shields databases from the risk presented by unpatched vulnerabilities by detecting and preventing attempted attacks and intrusions in real time, without requiring database downtime or application testing. With Virtual Patching for Databases, organizations secure protection from threats even if they have not yet installed a vendor-released patch to deal with a known vulnerability.

Security for older versions of database management systems — Protect older versions of database management systems, even those no longer supported by the vendor. For applications running on older versions of the database where patches are no longer provided, Virtual Patching for Databases can protect the systems from attacks, helping to satisfy governance requirements.

Uninterrupted protection for production databases — Installation is nonintrusive, as the sensor is read-only, installs as a user process, and makes no changes to the database management system software. Only minimal testing of applications is necessary.

No database downtime required — Implement patch protection without having to take down databases during installation.

Features & Benefits

Protect sensitive databases between the release and installation of vendor patches

Safeguard databases with virtual patches. McAfee host-based software uses a small, nonintrusive sensor on each database server to detect and prevent attempted exploits of vulnerabilities.

Get ongoing updates to defend against exploits

Trust continuous research of the evolving threat landscape to provide timely patch updates that keep organizations protected despite the changing nature of attack vectors.

Facilitate compliance by keeping systems up to date

Meet compliance standards, including PCI DSS, HIPAA, SOX, and other corporate governance rules.

Secure your databases with an easy-to-implement solution

Save time with less frequent patches, reducing the effort required for application regression testing and physical patch installation.

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