Detect Stolen Accounts and Stop Insider Threats

You can only shut down compromised accounts if you can see them. Illuminate stolen credentials and insider threats with our machine learning and behavioral analytics. Catch imposters, identify privilege abuse and stop user-based threats.

Quickly See Threatening User Activity

Don’t let threatening users fly under your radar. Arm yourself with our User Threat Detection Module, which gives you extensive visibility for a swift response. LogRhythm Labs regularly updates the module, helping customers stay ahead of threatening user activity.

Uncover Compromised Accounts

Breaches usually involve multiple compromised user accounts. Expose abnormal activity early with behavioral analysis—before a breach occurs.

Expose Privilege Abuse

Your IT team has the keys to kingdom. Malicious parties often infiltrate organizations by bribing or extorting an insider. Spot privilege abuse and account compromise before damage occurs.

Spot Brute-Force Attacks

Attackers will programmatically target your cloud-based infrastructure and external authentication systems. Know when you’re a target so you can block access.

Identify New Privileged Accounts

It can be challenging to ensure appropriate access rights and keep track of superusers. LogRhythm helps you automatically monitor and report on the creation of privileged accounts and the elevation of permissions.

Track Sensitive Data Access

When a compromised user account or a rogue insider finds their way to sensitive data, you need to know. Our analytics can help you detect when a user inappropriately accesses protected data.

Identify the Actors Behind the Actions

Knowing who is behind every action is critically important when investigating threats and incidents. Unfortunately, many log messages don’t contain this information.
Fill in the gaps with our Identity Inference feature. It automatically learns who is behind an action by observing the data we already capture.

Know What’s Normal—and What’s Not

Sometimes a single behavioral shift isn’t enough to warrant investigation. But multiple behavioral changes should raise the alarm.
LogRhythm’s multidimensional behavioral analytics detect behavioral shifts across multiple user behaviors. For example, if the same user authenticates from an abnormal location and then accesses abnormal systems and data, you’ll know immediately.

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