Detect suspicious traffic and quickly stop threats on your network

Network activity often reveals the earliest signs of an attack. It is critical that your security team has the visibility necessary to surface potential threats in your organization’s network traffic and can analyze the data to detect and quickly respond to threats.

Network traffic analysis (NTA) solutions provide a way for your team to detect and investigate network-based threats as well as neutralize attacks before significant damage is done. Critical components of an NTA solution include:

  • Real-time monitoring  
  • Detection of suspicious activity
  • Forensics capabilities
  • Maching-based analytics
  • Automated and manual response options 

Analyzing and detecting network-borne threats is critical—
but these are just two steps to stopping a threat to
your network. A full-featured NTA solution allows you
to go beyond detection with comprehensive, rapid response
and mitigation capabilities to realize reduced risk
to your organization.



Remediate Malicious Network Activity with SOAR

NTA solutions are great at providing visibility to your network and detecting threats and suspicious activity, but this emerging solutions area often lacks in response capabilities. Gartner acknowledges the need for response assistance in their Market Guide for Network Traffic Analysis1 writing, “Although the primary use of NTA tools is detection, organizations expect more help from the tools when it comes to investigating and mitigating an incident.”

These response capabilities, often referred to as security orchestration, automation, and response (SOAR), are critical to remediating threats. Your NTA solution should offer automated investigation and response actions as well as playbooks to help your team reduce response times and stop an attack before it becomes a damaging breach.



Get Real-Time Network Visibility

NTA solutions provide visibility into threats across your entire environment — on-prem or in the cloud — that traditional perimeter defense technologies like firewalls and intrusion detection systems (IDS) can often miss. To catch threats such as malicious packets and traffic hiding within routine traffic, your team needs powerful network inspection capabilities to help you see everything that crosses your network.

An effective network security solution also provides the critical visibility you need to quickly analyze threats with real-time traffic profiling, application identification, bandwidth usage, north-south and east-west traffic observation, enriched metadata, and full packet capture.


Machine Learning

Unfortunately, most security tools can’t pick up on data exfiltration, lateral movement, command and control (C2), and other activities. NTA solutions, however, can detect these activities through a combination of machine learning (ML), behavioral analytics, and rule-based analytics that help you detect malicious actors on your network and get context into the nature and extent of an attack.

The ideal NTA solution will help you identify malicious network activity with deeper, more intelligent security analytics and corroborate threats through other environmental context and threat intelligence sources to ensure threats are quickly detected and mitigated.


  • Visibility

    High-performance network sensors offer explicit, high-fidelity network traffic metadata. Visibility capabilities include:
    • Recognition of over 3,500 applications through deep packet inspection and advanced classification methods
    • Obtain a true view of the identity of users and hosts — not just their disparate identifiers
    • Full or selective packet capture to see every bit that crosses your network with Layer 2-7 packet capture stored in industry-standard PCAP format
  • Detection

    Multi-method, automated threat detection capabilities rapidly and efficiently detect threats before they become damaging. Detection capabilities include:
    • Powerful automated and continuous analytics offered both on the sensor and centralized with LogRhythm’s AI Engine
    • Modern analytical approaches including behavioral analytics, TTP modeling, IOC inspection, and cross-method corroboration
    • Ability to leverage additional data sources, including NetFlow, IPFIX, and firewall logs without significant changes, tuning requirements, or re-learning modes
  • Response

    Comprehensive, rapid SOAR capabilities standardize your SecOps processes while enabling collaboration and automation, accelerating investigations, and reducing response times. Response capabilities include:
    • Automated or manual responses for multiple third-party devices
    • Case management for collaboration on alerts, evidence, and escalations
    • Playbooks to help track, document, and enforce defined workflows

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