LogRhythm Use Cases

Find out how LogRhythm can help support and optimize various security use case scenarios across vertical segments.

Detecting Zero Day Exploits

LogRhythm provides multiple options for conducting forensic investigations to quickly identify the source of the zero day exploit. Users have the option to search for focused data points, or to use visual trending and analysis to identify behavior patterns and instantly drill down into specific event details.

IT organizations are not adequately equipped to detect and respond to the initial threat. When an exploit can come from anywhere, prevention and remediation require a true, global window not only into security specific event data, but operations as well. ...

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Rapid Forensics

With any event, LogRhythm provides instant access to multiple avenues for further forensic analysis without leaving the initial screen.

of heterogeneous data requires paging through or loading different preconfigured screens – easy access to associated context remains limited. An initial search or preconfigured view rarely yields the refined results needed to provide actionable intelligence. The ability to work directly ...

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Rapid Time-to-Value

LogRhythm delivers solutions that are quick to install, easy to use and manage, and can easily scale to meet future requirements.

reason for implementing a log management / SIEM solution, the complexity of installation, operation and ongoing management will go a long way toward determining its success. A solution that can’t be deployed, learned and operated without requiring major resources can ...

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Protective Monitoring

LogRhythm’s Advanced Intelligence Engine delivers Protective Monitoring with automatic analysis of all log data, maintaining constant vigilance for multiple attack vectors that, when combined, may indicate an APT-style attack.

Monitoring within the scope of the UK government’s CESG Good Practice Guide 13 (GPG 13), is a major component for providing essential oversight of ICT systems. It is also critical for maintaining organisational risk management strategies related to commercial regulations, ...

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Protecting ePHI

LogRhythm provides healthcare organizations with the means to proactively protect ePHI, as well as the tools to accurately and quickly identify the culprits guilty of breaches.

do so are becoming increasingly severe. An improperly reported breach can cost an organization tens of thousands of dollars in fines, not to mention the long term ramifications of lost confidence and revenue. Download Protecting ePHI Use Case PDF A4 ...

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Protecting Critical Assets from Data Breaches

LogRhythm can automatically alert on suspect behavior on controlled servers and devices. This can include general activity such as non-whitelisted processes starting up, or specific blacklisted actions, including outbound file transfers or ftp services starting up.

systems within a large, heterogeneous environment, accurately identifying improper or malicious user behavior, as well as detecting software-based breaches. While many of the systems already in place may be capable of detecting a specific category of events, it is critical ...

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Privileged User Monitoring

LogRhythm provides unprecedented auditing and insight into privileged user activity, across the enterprise.

when, in most cases, the people responsible for the behavior in question are the ones with access to the log files that record all user activity. Download Privileged User Monitoring US PDF Download Privileged User Monitoring A4 PDF LogRhythm provides ...

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Network & Process Monitoring

LogRhythm can alert on suspect behavior and blacklisted activities, such as unauthorized hosts running web servers or ftp services running on confidential file servers.

systems and endpoint devices–both inside and outside the network. Automated data enrichment adds event-specific network context, such as Source IP and Impacted Host. LogRhythm also factors in network-aware risk-level information with event and asset-specific risk ratings, providing a comprehensive and ...

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Fraud Detection and Prevention

Immediate collection by LogRhythm with cryptographic hashing provides a digital chain-of-custody that eliminates the ability for users to tamper with activity records to conceal fraudulent behavior. Administrators can immediately query against any archived data for long term forensic analysis.

maintain a usable digital paper trail or lack the pattern recognition, visualization and anomaly detection capabilities to conduct accurate and quick forensic analysis on user behavior. Performing investigations involves manually looking at audit records and other log data after the ...

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Bridge the Information Gap with Flexible Reporting

LogRhythm's Report Generator delivers the convenience of out-of-the-box reporting packages with the flexibility to easily create customer reports and report templates through a simple wizard interface.

reports, but frequently lack the flexibility to easily create custom reports tailored to fit specific needs. This can make it difficult for an organization to efficiently leverage valuable operations, security and auditing event data. While it may not have the ...

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Enriching Event Data with Geolocation Information

LogRhythm automates the process of adding geographic context to any event data. This adds immediate context for performing root-cause analysis, forensic investigations and recognizing incident propagation.

operations events such as failing communications devices, or to quickly identify the origin and scope of a security breach, can provide immediate value to enterprise IT organizations. The right information can reduce incident response times while providing better information for ...

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Detecting Advanced Threats

LogRhythm can look for a number of unique values over a specified period of time, such as a port probe originating from one account that is systematically scanning the network.

social attack vectors. The following represents three possible components of an advanced threat, how they can be detected, and how to take action with LogRhythm. After detecting a compromise, it’s difficult to immediately determine if the compromise was due to ...

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Visualizing Log & Event Data

LogRhythm’s Network Visualization tool maps communication and relationships between hosts from anywhere in the world – inside or outside the network.

the process of collecting log and event data and making it useful. Even with log aggregation, event filtering, real-time alarms and automated reports, though, some patterns of nefarious behavior can escape detection. Seeing activity trends unfolding over time combined with ...

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Controlling Operating Costs

LogRhythm’s comprehensive log collection, data enrichment and analysis capabilities provide detailed information about specific activities.

simple understanding of how each department is using shared resources can save thousands of dollars through a few policy changes that encourage responsible resource consumption. Download Controlling Operating Costs Use Case PDF US LogRhythm provides an automated means of capturing ...

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Continuous Monitoring - A Cornerstone for Risk Management

LogRhythm is easy to deploy, manage and operate. Monitoring, analysis, alerting and reporting are automated, delivering consistent real-time results without burdening operations and security staff with extensive overhead.

six steps in the Risk Management Framework (RMF) outlined in NIST Special Publication 800-37, Revision 1 and is a major component for validating the Recommended Security Controls for Federal Information Systems and Organizations outlined in NIST Special Publication 800-53, Revision ...

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Auditing & Strengthening Change Control

LogRhythm offers a simple, wizard-based interface for setting up advanced alerts that can notify administrators of any configuration change that takes place outside of authorized change control windows.

enterprise, IT platforms must be maintained, upgraded,and individual components periodically replaced. Change control management exists to minimize impact of these changes on business operations. Download Auditing and Strengthening Change Control Use Case US PDF Download Auditing and Strengthening Change Control ...

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Advanced Correlation for Operations

LogRhythm helps administrators enforce policy and make sure that unauthorized changes do not impact production operations or critical updates through rapid root cause analysis and response.

by allowing companies to identify and respond to complex and oftentimes undetectable operations events in real-time. By collecting and analyzing all log data without worrying about performance -related filtering requirements, LogRhythm provides valuable insight into operational issues that can impact ...

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Alerting on the Absence of an Event

LogRhythm can alert administrators whenever a process fails to restart within a certain timeframe. Process restarts can be automated, pulling all relevant information directly from the alarm message to perform automated remediation.

While most solutions are capable of detecting and alerting on specific events taking place, most fall short when it comes to alerting on expected behavior. You need to know not only when the wrong thing happens, but when the right ...

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Practical Architecture for Any Enterprise

LogRhythm offers enterprise architecture options that can support IT environments of any size, with easy implementation, scalability and usability for rapid time-to-value.

role in determining the long term success of any log management/SIEM implementation. A true enterprise architecture has to meet multiple potential requirements, from flexible collection capabilities to an easily scalable architecture. IT executives need to be assured that the solution ...

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