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services authorized partner badge 2020Program Benefits

Are you a LogRhythm partner that believes in the platform, but doesnt have the ability to offer in house services? Are you tired of selling other services that don't deliver what your customer is expecting? Is your customer not seeing the full value of what LogRhythm can do? Do you lack 24x7 coverage that your customer requires? If any of these situations apply to you, we can help!

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24 x 7 managed security services team

    • Enable your customers to have 24 x 7 coverage without all the costs that would incur by bringing it in house. Straight forward SLAs, no matter what time of day it is.




account managerDedicated channel account manager

    • One person to contact for every deal, no matter where your customer is in the country or what vertical they work in. No more looking for territory reps that have a habitual problem with turnover. Choosing this route means only one person presents to your customers and no more wondering whether the rep coming to the call knows their stuff or not.




security engineer webPre-sales Security Engineering Resources

    • We will help enable your sale by assisting with the sizing, scoping of services, customizing the offering, and of course performing the demonstrations of the services when needed.





looking for it

Non-compete clause

    • Gain piece of mind knowing that we won’t persue, or even talk with your customers without your permission. Our do not compete clause is clear: your deal reg equals your customer.







Financial Benefits

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 Deal Registration

    • Receive protected pricing with clearly defined margins, no matter if it goes direct, or through the VAR.






heres the keyMSP Based Licensing

    • MPS based pricing makes scaling a breeze. No more wondering what and how many KB’s, reports, dashboard, etc. are included in the service.





armwrestleCompetitive Pricing

    • NDM’s co-managed offering is aggressively priced for the marketplace. This enables VARs to team-up with us easily, and ensures customer success within a reasonable budget.





monthly meetings

Monthly Meetings

    • NDM’s monthly meetings enable VARs to have touch points on the calendar each month, helping customers uncover gaps in coverage while guiding them toward a more thourough security posture.





It's your customer

ours and yours


White Label

    • If you would prefer we work under the covers, we’re more than happy to accommodate.





monthly meetings2Monthly Meetings

    • Once things are well-tuned and running smoothly, VARs are encouraged to run the monthly meetings. Although your customer trusts your guidance the most, co-managed Logrhythm gleans another view of your customer's security posture, allowing your consultation to mature even further.




winners circleMulti-Tiering

    • NDM can be utilized as a lower tier, 24 x 7 provider which can escalate to the VAR/MSP for hands on actions when needed.





payment options

Payment Options

    • How we engage with the client is your call, either face to face, or behind the scenes. And when it comes to payment methods, we’re just as flexible to meet your needs.







Flexible Services Available


deployment only

 Deployment Only

    • If you need to deploy a new LogRhythm solution in a hurry, for less money to the customer and more in your pocket, we’re here for you! Avoid the long lead time for LR direct offerings and come to a certified provider to get more services at less cost.





project workProJect Work

    • We’re here to help with customizations, upgrades, migrations, etc. If its LogRhythm related, we’ll spec it out and work with you to ensure the SOW is completed.







hourly rateHourly Assistance

    • Need a hand on a one-off basis? We can do that as well. Scheduled and after-hours services are available.




co managed


    • Augment your customer’s staff with our full featured, co-managed offering. Straight forward pricing, SLAs, thorough and market differentiated service.






service blocks

Services Blocks

    • If you’re not ready for the full offering, service blocks are a good place to start for as needed assistance. Use the time for anything LogRhythm related. The more you buy, the larger the discount off our hourly rate is. One year from date of purchase to utilize the hours.



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