Higher Education institutions face many challenges when it comes to securing the network. The network infrastructure is complex, extensive, and heavily accessed making it difficult to secure. A large university may have tens of thousands of users accessing the network on a daily basis, each potentially requiring extensive access to resources throughout the IT environment. At the same time the extended network will have multiple segments requiring strict access control, such as a university-run healthcare organization with a need to protect electronic patient data (ePHI), or a Registrar’s Office that not only needs to protect confidential student information, but may process credit card transactions necessitating that the university comply with specific PCI DSS requirements.

Industry Challenges

  • Large user base with numerous access points
  • Extensive volume of network traffic and user activity
  • Complex, large networks
    • Numerous network segments
    • Highly heterogeneous environments
    • Limited control over user behavior
    • Extensive access points and security holes
  • Numerous potential regulations
    • HIPAA
    • FISMA
    • FERPA
    • PCI DSS
  • Limited in-house compliance expertise related to information security
  • Resource limitations due to budget constraints

In addition to delivering out-of-the-box continuous compliance automation, LogRhythm provides higher education institutions with the means to proactively protect their extended networks and the tools to quickly detect and respond to breaches.

Benefits for Higher Education

  • Automated Suites for multiple regulatory compliances
    • Out-of-the-box, industry specific embedded expertise
    • Comprehensive reporting to support meaningful use
    • Multiple automation tools to enforce continuous compliance
  • Massively scalable for large IT environments
    • Global visibility throughout the network
    • Flexible deployment options to fit organizational requirements
    • Building block architecture for easy expansion
  • Industry leading support for custom applications
  • Powerful forensics for rapid breach reporting

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