RespondX w/Smart Response Automation

RespondX is LogRhythm’s security orchestration, automation, and response (SOAR) solution.

SmartResponse™ Automation is a LogRhythm RespondX feature that automates tasks for streamlined efficiency across the security response workflow.


 Automation Helps Your SOC Accomplish More

Cybersecurity professionals are hard to find and even harder to keep, making it extremely difficult for organizations to build a mature security program. According to the 2018 (ISC)2 Cybersecurity Workforce Study, there is a global shortage of close to three million cybersecurity professionals across the industry.
The (ISC)2 study further indicates that SOC staff are more likely to be dissatisfied and switch jobs when they spend too much of their time repeating mundane tasks. Job responsibilities laden with tasks that fall into this category include security administration, incident response, and endpoint security management.

Operating in this inefficient model leads to:

  • high staff turnover with rising salary costs
  • longer periods of threat exposure from unaddressed security alarms
  • lack of program maturity gained fromlack of program maturity gained fromstrategic improvement focused work

To overcome these challenges, SOC managers need to more effectively utilize their limited resources to gain consistent results. Automated response workflows help empower your SOC team to accomplish more and reduce the time it takes to qualify and protect against evolving security threats.

Activate the full potential of your SOC by usingActivate the full potential of your SOC by usingSmartResponse Automation for seamless execution ofactions right at the source of your SIEM data and alarms,resulting in maximum productivity with minimum wastedeffort or expense.

 Collaborate Effectively

Security organizations recognize the value of usingSecurity organizations recognize the value of usingautomation, however many are unable to dedicate thestaff needed to properly develop and maintain effectiveintegrations for their team.

Overwhelmed security analysts often resort to developingtheir own home-grown scripts to cut through alarm fatigueand manual processes. However, this can exacerbate issues,because when teams use siloed techniques it is difficult totrack and develop consistent security workflows.

SmartResponse Automation provides a collaborative framework for sharing efficient task reduction to decrease energy expenditure and improve incident response timesacross the entire team.


  • Simplify security response
  • Improve response times
  • Free analysts from mundane tasks
  • Advance SOC program maturity
  • Scale security operations
  • Minimize impacts of tool sprawl

 Activate Efficiency

Create Custom PluginsCreate and test your own custom plugins with the built-inautomation toolkit using any common scripting language,including Python and PowerShell.

Tested & Certified Plugins - LogRhythm SmartResponse Automation Plugins(SRPs) enable trusted workflows by packaging acollection of fully tested and certified prebuilt actionsfor third-party integrations.

With SmartResponse Automation, yourWith SmartResponse Automation, youranalysts can trigger a vulnerability scan,quarantine an infected host, and disable auser account in seconds.

 Streamline Workflows

To help you get started, LogRhythm offers anTo help you get started, LogRhythm offers anextensive library of prebuilt plugins for:


Send alarm notifications to messaging tools likeSend alarm notifications to messaging tools likeSlack for updates across any device and accelerateincident investigation by grouping related alarmsinto a single case, then add a playbook and assignan analyst to:

  • Stay connected
  • Expedite alarm triage
  • Simplify communication
  • Kick-off response workflows


Retrieve host, user, and policy information forRetrieve host, user, and policy information foradditional context enrichment with one-click beforeor during investigation to:

  • Expose threats
  • Reduce false positives
  • Qualify incidents faster
  • Reduce platform switching
  • Discover the scope of an incident


Respond to incidents by disabling access pointsRespond to incidents by disabling access pointsand patching vulnerabilities and close the loopon investigations by updating information acrosssystems and lists to:

  • Stop threats faster
  • Reduce tedious steps
  • Prevent “fat-finger” mistakes
  • Ensure tasks like updates occur
  • Secure execution with audit trails
  • Restrict sensitive data access errors
  • Enable easy execution of complex tasks

Flexible Execution Options

Manual - Ad-hoc execution across cases and investigations

Approved - Authorized execution with up to three cascading approvers

Automatic - Triggered execution of one or more actions from an alarm

Remote - Extended host execution by LogRhythm SysMon Agents

Chained - Orchestrated execution of conditional sequenced actions



 Measure Improvement

Incident response processes often involve many different Incident response processes often involve many different people, teams, and technologies that result in scattered and incomplete visibility. To eliminate the burden of manually tracking every step taken to resolve each alarm, Case Metrics automatically captures all incident response activity.

Reportable audit trails and case metrics, organized by milestones, Reportable audit trails and case metrics, organized by milestones,help you measure and refine your processes, communicate with management, and address compliance controls

By measuring the effectiveness of your SOC, you will By measuring the effectiveness of your SOC, you will identify areas for improvement and gain insights to help you prioritize what tasks to automate next. Enabling you to simplify complex procedures into the click of a button and decrease the mundane tasks your team must perform daily. As a result, your team can shift their focus towards more satisfying and significant activities that advance the maturity of your security program.


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