Endpoint Monitoring and Threat Analytics


Endpoint Monitoring and Forensics

Protecting your organization from advanced threats, compliance violations and operational issues is an ongoing process. It requires broad visibility, continuous monitoring, automated behavioral analytics, advanced threat detection, intelligent countermeasure capabilities, and ongoing adaptation to new and evolving issues and threats. A key component of that process is having the ability to correlate what’s happening at the endpoint level to event data throughout the network. LogRhythm delivers extended visibility and protection via fully integrated Endpoint Monitoring and Forensics .

LogRhythm’s Endpoint Threat Analytics module helps organizations quickly detect and respond to the threats targeting their endpoints and discover when compromised devices are being used for malicious activity by attackers. The Endpoint Threat Analytics module includes a sophisticated set of advanced behavioral analytics rules and out-of-the-box alarms that deliver a holistic picture of threats targeting the endpoint.

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  • Independent Process Monitor

    Detects and records process and service activity that may not otherwise be reported. This can identify and alert on important behavior like endpoints running blacklisted processes (peer-to-peer clients, etc.), critical processes stopping or any non-approved process starting up.

    Windows Registry Monitor​

    Monitors the Windows Registry for additions, modifications, deletions, permission (ACL) changes, and ownership changes. This visibility provides greater insight into changes or manipulations of Windows operating systems, like the addition of new startup processes, to detect advanced threats and compromised endpoints.

    Network Connection Monitor​​

    Independently records network connection activity to and from the endpoint, providing a detailed, independent log of all network connections opened and closed on a endpoint. It detects and alarms on critical events on the endpoint like activity from unauthorized web or FTP servers.

    Accurately Data Loss Defender​​

    Monitors and prevents data transfers to and from removable media like CD/DVD-RW devices and USB drives.Data Loss Defender logs, alerts on, and audits all data transfers to removable media ports and can optionally block transfers on selected machines and devices.

    User Activity Monitor​​

    Logs any user or process that authenticates to an endpoint. This independently records an audit trial that can be used to either supplement local auditing systems or to validate that system logs have not been modified on the endpoint.

  • LogRhythm’s Endpoint Monitoring and Forensics, combined with LogRhythm’s comprehensive Security Intelligence Platform, provides tremendous visibility into what’s going throughout the IT Environment. By harnessing the power of SmartResponseTM, LogRhythm provides extensive, active protection at the endpoint level from advanced threats, compliance violations, and operational issues.



     Independent Process Monitor

    Problem Enterprise IT systems have a constant flow
    of processes starting and stopping, but they are
    inconsistently logged. This makes it challenging to
    detect individual events, such as critical processes
    restarting properly after routine maintenance,
    without an independent record of the event.
    Detection LogRhythm can independently detect and
    alert whenever a blacklisted process starts or when
    a critical process stops or fails to restart following a
    specific event, such as a reboot.
    Response SmartResponseTM can stop and/or start
    individual processes, pulling all relevant information,
    such as the process name and impacted endpoint,
    directly from the alarm.


    .Network Connection Monitor

    Problem Endpoint-level detail surrounding network
    behavior is a critical component of real time
    monitoring and forensic analysis. This can be
    difficult due to a lack of connection-specific log data
    or limited access to flow data.
    Detection LogRhythm creates an independent
    log of every network connection on a monitored
    endpoint, including relevant detail such as ID port,
    communication direction and the process that
    opened the connection.
    Response SmartResponseTM can be configured to
    automatically close an unauthorized port or shut
    down a suspicious network connection in response
    to any alarm.

    Data Loss Defender

    Problem Many advanced threats that result in data
    breaches employ physical means of transferring
    information, using removable media sources such as
    UDB thumb dives and CD/DVD-RW devices to remove
    sensitive data from the network.
    Detection LogRhythm can independently detect the
    use of removable media directly on the endpoint,
    generating an alarm before data can be transferred
    to or from a removable media device.
    Response Data Loss Defender can automatically
    prevent data from being transferred to or from
    removable media directly, by immediately ejecting
    or unmounting the device.

    User Activity Monitor

     Problem Knowing who is logged in to a particular
    endpoint when malicious activity or a critical
    operations failure happens is a key component to
    comprehensive understanding of a specific event.
    Detection LogRhythm can independently log who
    is logged in and for how long, correlating user audit
    activity with other log and event data, creating a
    comprehensive audit of user behavior throughout
    the IT environment.
    Response SmartResponseTM can disable
    suspiciously behaving user accounts automatically
    or following an optional approval process



     Windows Registry Monitor

    Problem Changes to the Windows Registry are
    not natively logged, making it difficult to detect
    modifications, like the addition of malicious software.
    Once embedded in the registry, malware can easily
    propagate by controlling processes, downloading
    payloads, and infecting additional systems.
    Detection LogRhythm can independently monitor
    the Windows Registry to detect changes, including
    the introduction of malicious software and new
    startup processes.
    Response When changes to the Registry are
    detected, LogRhythm alerts IT and security
    personnel. If a change is found to be malicious,
    administrators can approve a SmartResponseTM plugin
    that disables the startup processes to prevent the
    spread of malware.


    Endpoint Lockdown

    Problem Devices continue to operate on a network
    even after a compromise is detected. This allows
    malicious software to infiltrate the organization,
    spread to other systems and gain increasing access
    to network resources.
    Detection SmartResponseTM can automatically run
    a series of scans directly on the host to generate
    extensive diagnostic and forensic data for accurate
    root cause analysis.
    Response SmartResponseTM can prevent a
    compromised host from affecting other devices on
    the network by automatically disabling device and
    user access to other resources


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