Consolidate Compliance Framework

One Compliance Module to Rule Them All: Consolidated Compliance Framework

LogRhythm’s Consolidated Compliance Framework (CCF) is an integrated component of the LogRhythm NextGen SIEM Platform and aims to reduce the time and resources you spend satisfying compliance regulations. This core compliance module is mapped to dozens of regulations and encompasses the majority of common cybersecurity controls.

This module is built on the “grandfather” frameworks upon which most regulations are based:
CIS Critical Security Controls (CSC)
NIST Cybersecurity Framework, 800-53 and 800-171
ISO 27001


LogRhythm Consolidated Compliance Framework Benefits:
  • Greater efficiency in meeting compliance requirements
  • Streamlines compliance process by centralizing controls into a single module
  • Reduces management overhead and analyst effort by eliminating the need to maintain duplicate content
  • Easily accommodates future compliance modules, while retaining proper data segregation


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