Align your team, technology, and processes to see broadly across your IT and operating environments, uncover threats, and minimize risk — all within a single, unified platform. Learn why the LogRhythm NextGen SIEM Platform is at the center of thousands of SOCs worldwide.

LogRhythm North American Partner of the Year!

NDM Technologies is honored to be recognized as LogRhythm's North American Partner of the Year. This would not be possible without the efforts of our outstanding team of talented specialists running our  MSSP  services and the tireless efforts of our exceptional technology advisors and architects. Our team ensures the demands and needs of our customers are met, and LogRhythm's fantastic platform is properly implemented and utilized to meet customers' specific situations. All of NDM couldn't be prouder of this accomplishment.

 detect_threats.jpgDetect threats earlier and faster.

When it comes to stopping threats, seconds matter. That’s why we built our platform for speed. You’ll quickly identify threats, automate and collaborate on investigations, and remediate threats with agility.

 visibility.jpgGain visibility across your environment.

Eliminate blind spots across your entire enterprise — from your endpoints to the network to the cloud. Easily search across your log and other machine data to find the answers you need and know what’s happening across your environment.

 work_smarter.jpgWork smarter, not harder.

Spend your time on impactful work instead of maintaining, caring for, and feeding your SIEM tool. Automate repetitive tasks and labor-intensive work so your team can focus on the areas where their expertise can make a difference.

 buildfortoday.jpgBuild for today, scale for tomorrow.

The complexity and scale of your environment is growing rapidly. Don’t settle for an entry-level solution that you’ll soon outgrow. Get high performance and reduced operating costs — for today and tomorrow.


Your team has alarm fatigue. Intrusions are being missed. A data breach could be next. Knowing what to investigate—and doing so quickly—is imperative. From detection through response, our SIEM was built for speed. Go faster with LogRhythm.

See Advanced Threats

Detecting advanced threats within your environment requires a data-driven, machine analytics approach. LogRhythm uses machine learning and other techniques to surface advanced threats that might otherwise go unnoticed.

Spend Your Time Wisely

Our risk-based-priority algorithm applies risk and threat factors to automatically qualify alarms, so your team can spend time working the highest-risk concerns instead of being lost in the weeds.

Get Precise Search and Powerful Analytics

Find what you’re seeking with targeted searches that use contextual or unstructured criteria for precise results. Whether you’re hunting for threats or investigating an incident, our analysis tools help you to fly through data and quickly arrive at answers.

Put Your Concerns to Rest

Developed by our LogRhythm Labs team, pre-packaged threat detection and compliance modules help you to accelerate adoption and use of advanced security analytics.

Orchestrate and Automate Incident Response

Kill threats quickly and avoid data breaches by automating your investigation and response processes with our embedded case and security incident management facility. Save time and respond faster with pre-staged SmartResponse™ investigatory actions and incident response remediation.

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Unleash Power of your SOC


Your team is struggling to keep up. Your security operation needs to be more efficient. LogRhythm is the only SIEM designed to support the end-to-end threat detection and response workflow—what we call Threat Lifecycle Management™. Realize streamlined operations and lower total cost of ownership with our unified platform.




The LogRhythm XDR Stack is a comprehensive set of capabilities that make up our NextGen SIEM Platform. Its modular design enables you to add components and increase your security sophistication as your organization’s needs evolve. With the LogRhythm XDR Stack, you can deliver on the fundamental mission of your SOC — threat monitoring, threat hunting, threat investigation, and incident response — at a low total cost of ownership.


LogRhythm AnalytiX is a log management solution that centralizes your log data, enriches is with contextual details and applies a consistent schema across all data types. With LogRhythm AnalytiX, you can quickly search across your organization’s vast amount of data to answer any question, identify IT and security events, and troubleshoot operational issues.

Key Features:

  • Immediate and precise results with structured and unstructured search
  • Data normalization and enrichment with Machine Data Intelligence (MDI) Fabric
  • Continuous correlation of all environmental activity with AI Engine
  • Easy to use, customizable dashboards and visualizations



LogRhythm DetectX allows you to focus your efforts with targeted and prioritized threat detection. DetectX delivers prebuilt security analytics content and visualizations designed to accurately detect malicious activity while supporting adherence to compliance regulations. Stop wasting time investigating false positives, and shift to a more targeted approach.

Key Features:

  • Expedite investigation and response with prebuilt threat analytics modules
  • Rapidly incorporate a wide array of threat feeds with Threat Intelligence Service
  • Out-of-the box threat scoring with risk-based prioritization (RBP)
  • Streamline compliance requirements with Consolidated Compliance Framework



LogRhythm RespondX is a seamlessly integrated security orchestration, automation, and response (SOAR) that enables your team to effectively collaborate, qualify, and manage incidents with improved quality and speed. Automate manual security tasks for seamless execution across the security workflow, from investigation to remediation. Advance your investigative capabilities with drilldown, search pivoting, and instant context enrichment. RespondX expedites investigative workflows, saving time and resources and enabling the knowledge transfer security teams need to effectively combat evolving threats.

Key Features:

  • Seamless response actions with SmartResponse™ Automation
  • Optimize your analysts’ workflow with Case Management
  • Standardize processes with Case Playbooks
  • Measure SOC effectiveness with Case Metrics




User-based threats, such as compromised accounts and malicious insiders can be difficult to detect. With excessive privilege access and the proliferation of BYOD, organizations are increasingly vulnerable. LogRhythm UserXDR is a User and Entity Behavior Analytics (UEBA) solution that enables you to detect and remediate anomalous user behavior before data is corrupted or exfiltrated.



Quickly detecting and responding to network-borne threats like lateral movement and internal access abuse can be challenging. LogRhythm NetworkXDR goes beyond limited network traffic analysis to provide complete visibility, machine-based analysis and corroboration, and unrivaled response capabilities for real-time network detection and response.


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