StoneGate Virtual IPS

StoneGate Virtual IPS Appliance is a ready-made, easy-to-add network Intrusion Prevention System (IPS) appliance for demanding virtual environments. The solution protects applications and operating systems from threats against vulnerabilities in the virtual environment.

Using multiple analysis techniques, StoneGate IPS protects virtual hosts from network attacks, detects and prevents network traffic abuse, including Denial-of-Service (DoS) attacks and communications from unwanted applications like P2P and streaming media.


StoneGate Virtual IPS provides flexible deployment options for physical and virtual network environments in both inline IPS and IDS modes, without network topology changes. With the Transparent Access Control (TAC) module, StoneGate IPS allows easy and cost-effective firewall-like network segmentation and access control.

StoneGate Virtual IPS Appliance is managed with StoneGate Management Center. The StoneGate Management Center allows unified management of all StoneGate Security appliances, both virtual and physical. The corporate security policy can be consistently enforced throughout the whole network. This brings organizations significant cost savings, flexibility and sustainability.

Comprehensive security with high-end technology

  • Protects virtual networks and servers from modern and sophisticated attacks
  • Stateful access control and deep inspection
  • Comprehensive network protection through seamless integration with StoneGate firewall
  • Gives more time to patch the vulnerable virtual services
  • Collects audit information about network transactions
  • Completely transparent to surrounding virtual client machines and network devices
  • Easy virtual network deployment

Reduced costs with unified management

  • Efficient administration for both physical and virtual security elements
  • Comprehensive view of network security
  • Remote maintenance and upgrades eliminate costly on-site visits
  • Auto-updates and upgrades reduce administrators’ workload
  • Comprehensive logging with easy-to-use filtering
  • Automatic reporting with graphic reports and extensive customization
  • Multiple alert methods


Intrusion Prevention System - What is StoneGate IPS?

Spyware, worms, and peer-to-peer programs slow down network performance and may even take the services down.  In today’s business environment where competition is hard and decisions have to be made fast, the availability of business systems is essential. If the information is not available when it is needed, productivity suffers. This means increased risks for the business. 

Intrusion Prevention Systems and StoneGate

StoneGate IPS is a modular, yet powerful tool to secure your internal networks. With StoneGate IPS you can efficiently detect, identify and stop network traffic abuse and complemented by the Transparent Access Control module you can easily and efficiently add segmentation to your networks, thus considerably reducing the risk of far-reaching infections.

The costs of cleaning all infected computers in the network as well as network downtime can be fatal to any organization. StoneGate IPS offers reliable and cost-efficient protection for data center services as well as prevents client-slide attacks against workstations, offering organizations significant cost savings and ensuring business continuity at all times.

Unlike traditional attacks that originate from outside the network, client-side attacks are initiated within the organization’s internal network. When users are browsing infected websites, client-side attacks come in as responses to internal network user requests. At gigabit network speeds, these attacks can cause significant infection and damage across the network. StoneGate IPS inspects network traffic and prevents client-side attacks even if they are hidden in encrypted traffic.

Control with Web filtering

The StoneGate IPS gives administrators unprecedented monitoring of network protocols and applications, as well as capabilities to control Web content.

Malicious websites can be blocked automatically and unwanted web content can be detected/stopped with built-in category based web filtering at any network location. Web filtering offers efficient protection against phishing attacks, drive-by-exploits, connections to Botnet command & control centers and drop zones, among others.

Data center service protection

The high-performance StoneGate IPS offers reliable and cost-efficient protection for data center services. The solution provides virtual patching for vulnerable servers waiting for patching within the next available maintenance window.

The StoneGate IPS ensures advanced protection under real-life traffic conditions without putting service availability at risk. The solution also scales easily when bandwidth requirements increase and new servers are added to the data center.

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