Sourcefire 3D9900


The Sourcefire Virtual 3D9900 Sensor™ extends the 3D System to far corners of the network where IT security resources don't exist or the deployment of physical 3D Sensors is impractical. Virtual 3D Sensors also provide the capability to inspect VM-to-VM communications, providing the same protection as their physical sensor counterparts. The Virtual 3D Sensor offers support for inspection of network traffic at speeds up to 10Gbps.


Today's networks are highly dynamic. Threats are constantly evolving and becoming more sophisticated. Network security breaches continue to occur because static defenses can't protect today's dynamic networks against dynamic threats. Learn why more organizations depend on Snort® than any other intrusion prevention technology worldwide, and why thousands of enterprises rely on Sourcefire's IPS and real-time adaptive security solution to protect their networks.

SourceFire IPS - The Foundation of the SourceFire 3D System

Snort—the De Facto Standard for Intrusion Prevention
Built on Snort, the de facto standard for intrusion detection and prevention (IDS/IPS), Sourcefire IPS™ (Intrusion Prevention System) is the foundation of the award-winning Sourcefire 3D® System. Sourcefire IPS uses a powerful combination of vulnerability- and anomaly-based inspection methods—at line speeds up to 10Gbps—to analyze network traffic and prevent threats from damaging your network. Additionally, when Sourcefire IPS is deployed with the Sourcefire SSL Appliance, the benefits of the IPS are extended to SSL-encrypted traffic. Whether deployed at the perimeter, in the DMZ, in the core, or at critical network segments, Sourcefire's easy-to-use IPS appliances provide comprehensive threat protection.

Sourcefire IPS contains multiple default policies for out-of-the box blocking, drawing from a comprehensive library of open Snort rules. Open rules allow customers to verify that rules address the vulnerabilities for which coverage is claimed and to create new rules or modify existing ones to protect custom applications and systems. Sourcefire's IPS can be deployed in inline blocking and/or passive alerting modes, and can remediate attacks using external devices, such as fi rewalls, routers, patch management systems, and more.

Snort, created by Sourcefire, has nearly 4 million downloads and approximately 300,000 registered users. More organizations rely on Snort than any other intrusion prevention technology worldwide. Over the past decade, the Snort community has grown to become an entire ecosystem, from user groups, to books, to classes taught at hundreds of colleges and universities. More IT security professionals are familiar with Snort than any other IPS technology in the market. Sourcefire customers benefi t from this extensive Snort ecosystem on day one.

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