McAfee Network Threat Response


McAfee Network Threat Response discovers zero-day malware that will use or is using network exploits to attack your network, and then automatically captures that malware for analysis and response. Install the appliances and immediately start detecting malware unique to your internal network. Get full visibility of discovered malware through the Network Threat Response control center dashboard. Integration with McAfee host-based malware technology automatically keeps your threat database up-to-date. The McAfee Network Threat Response sensor appliances scan your organization's network traffic looking for new malware payloads and bot distribution websites, including DNS fast flux, which eliminates the changing IP address problem of sophisticated attacks.


McAfee Network Threat Response (NTR) is an out-of-band appliance that captures, deconstructs, and analyzes malware specific to your own network. McAfee NTR is a powerful tool for security analysts. It automatically identifies malware targeting internal network vulnerabilities, and instantly captures and analyzes it to aid remediation. The McAfee NTR appliance sits inside your network and streamlines the forensic threat analysis process with the following features:

  • Find: McAfee NTR finds malware activity in real time and even decodes polymorphic encoders. The Network Threat Response Control Center dashboard provides full visibility into discovered malware.
  • Create: McAfee NTR creates analysis to help you better understand the malware, how it is attacking your network, and its payload.
  • Prevent: McAfee NTR helps you update your security posture by capturing malware and automatically sending samples to McAfee Artemis Technology, McAfee’s host-based malware protection technology. Updated .DAT files are then pushed out to all protected systems within minutes. These shared signatures bring the full power of McAfee Labs research to McAfee NTR. McAfee NTR offers exceptional integration with McAfee Firewall Enterprise.

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