The McAfee Network Threat Behavior Analysis T-500 provides greater real-time visibility of the network infrastructure. It leverages network flow data to identify and characterize threats beyond the perimeter of the intrusion prevention system (IPS).

By analyzing traffic from switches/routers of vendors such as Cisco, Juniper, and Extreme Networks, McAfee Network Threat Behavior Analysis can pinpoint risky behavior to specific points in the network and effectively prevent internal and external threats. McAfee Network Threat Behavior Analysis rapidly drills down into complex, multivector attacks and blended threats. It holistically evaluates network-level threats, identifies the overall behavior of each network element, and enables instant abstraction of potential anomaly or attack type-including distributed denial of service (DDoS), botnets, or worms.alt

McAfee Network Threat Behavior Analysis Overview:

Maintain a comprehensive and efficient network security infrastructure with McAfee Network Threat Behavior Analysis (NTBA). A single sensor effectively collects traffic, and analyzes host and application behavior to detect worms, zero-day threats, botnets, and reconnaissance attacks.


Get cost-effective, network-wide visibility with McAfee Network Threat Behavior Analysis (NTBA).

McAfee NTBA monitors and reports unusual network behavior by analyzing traffic from switches and routers from vendors such as Cisco, Juniper Networks, and Extreme Networks. It comes fully equipped with quad-core processors, a RAID array, distinct flow capacity, gigabit Ethernet connectivity, and offline storage area network connectivity.

McAfee NTBA collects and analyzes traffic from the entire network—host and applications—to detect worms, botnets, zero-day threats, spam, and reconnaissance attacks. It reports any unusual behavior to help you maintain a comprehensive and efficient network security infrastructure.

McAfee NTBA seamlessly integrates with the McAfee Network Security Platform intrusion prevention system to build a comprehensive and robust security infrastructure.

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