McAfee Network Security Central Manager

Manage McAfee® Intrusion Prevention System with confidence, even on a global scale. McAfee Network Security Central Manager eliminates policy maintenance bottlenecks to support compliance and improve efficiency. Capable of managing multiple McAfee Network Security Manager systems, this solution is ideal for ideal for global enterprise and service provider networks with large, distributed deployments.

Take charge of your global intrusion prevention system (IPS) deployment. Ensure that it consistently enforces your security policies. Change policies in minutes, rather than days. Pinpoint with confidence when new policies take effect and know that they’re working exactly as intended. Daily operations consume limited local resources, yet regulations mandate consistent, efficient support for evolving policies at every site. To ensure that each site on your global network stays safe and compliant, you need a solution to reinforce local operations with a lightweight layer of centralized policy management. McAfee Network Security Central Manager provides centralized policy management, improves compliance, and increases administrator efficiency. It works with McAfee Network Security Manager and McAfee Network Intrusion Prevention System appliances to ease management of large IPS networks.




Network Security Central Manager offloads policy management from regional and local
administrators to a central control point. Policies are implemented consistently, while the local team is relieved from the burden of complying with policy updates. Network Security Central Manager automates the process—driving and monitoring policy changes to ensure they take effect. Working across multiple Network Security Managers, Network Security Central Manager creates a management hierarchy that centralizes IPS policy creation, distribution, and maintenance. This flexible solution connects and centralizes administration of all your Network Security Managers to eliminate policy silos, improve
implementation consistency, and eliminate bottlenecks in policy deployment. Network Security Central Manager simplifies compliance, allowing you to view multiple Network Security Manager environments to monitor compliance and demonstrate enforcement of policies across the enterprise. An easy-to-use graphical interface streamlines policy definition. Single sign-on speeds policy distribution to multiple Network Security Managers. And when changes occur, you can automatically synchronize policies to ensure consistency across sites.

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