IBM Security Controller

The Proventia Network Security Controller extends Proventia's industry-leading preemptive protection to 10 Gbps networks. If you’re currently running high-bandwidth applications, deploying a next generation network or consolidating data centers, you need a solution to protect high volumes of traffic without degrading performance.

The Proventia Network Security Controller provides a 10 Gbps interface to one or more Proventia Network Intrusion Prevention System (IPS) appliances. It delivers in-line network intrusion prevention, 12 Gbps of deep-packet inspection and up to 20 Gbps of throughput when deployed with two GX6116 appliances. The Proventia Network Security Controller also functions as an external bypass. With Proventia, you don’t have to sacrifice security to optimize network performance, and vice versa.



  • Delivers 10 Gbps of network protection without sacrificing network performance
  • Provides vulnerability-based deep-packet inspection for high-speed networks and revenue-generating IP-based services
  • Extends the value of existing IPS appliances

High Speed Protection without a Rip-and-Replace Security Upgrade
Network upgrades no longer require a rip and replace investment in 10 Gbps security appliances. The Proventia Network Security Controller extends the value of existing Proventia Network IPS GX6116 and GX5208 appliances. Positioned in front of these devices, the Proventia Network Security Controller acts as a 10 Gbps aggregator to perform deep-packet inspection on high-speed network traffic.

In the unlikely event of an IPS appliance failure, the Proventia Network Security Controller provides active bypass/ switching to prevent disruption to the network. There is no need to purchase and deploy a separate bypass unit, since the Proventia Network Security Controller affords both active and passive bypass, along with power loss fail safe functionality.

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