Web Application Digital Vaccine Service

digital-vaccine-filter-logoThe TippingPoint Web Application Digital Vaccine Service (Web App DV) provides a two- part approach to addressing the security threat posed by Web applications. Web App DV allows customers to maximize security investments, while reducing the risk of attacks through custom-built Web applications.

Standard Web application firewalls can have false positives when deployed in-line to block malicious traffic, causing network outages or performance problems instead of ensuring the high availability of the Web applications they are assigned to protect. Mitigating these issues can require constant tuning, adding an unnecessary drain on IT resources and budget.

TippingPoint Web App DV services identify and remedy any vulnerabilities in custom-built Web applications without affecting network performance. Web App DV uses a combination of custom DV filters along with standard filters to provide this comprehensive network protection. TippingPoint Web App DV works by first scanning custom applications and associated URLs to determine the weak points in the code that could be exploited by malicious attacks, which TippingPoint's DVLabs team will use to create the custom filters, or set of filters, that will be deployed through the TippingPoint IPS.

The integral part of the TippingPoint Web App DV solution is the Digital Vaccine® Service. Developed by TippingPoint's world-renowned security researchers (DVLabs), the Digital Vaccine service delivers comprehensive security filters to TippingPoint Intrusion Prevention Systems to to pre-emptively protect against the exploit of new and zero-day vulnerabilities. Digital Vaccine updates are automatically delivered twice a week, or immediately when critical vulnerabilities and threats emerge. TippingPoint's "Recommended Settings" provide preconfigured policies to automatically and accurately block attacks without any tuning, significantly reducing the amount of time and resources required to protect and maintain a healthy network.

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