HP TippingPoint S1200N IPS

HP TippingPoint S1200N IPS A7500 Module

The HP TippingPoint S1200N IPS A7500 Module is the first network-embedded security server blade featuring industry-leading HP TippingPoint technology, and the first IPS module for the HP A-series (Advanced) networking portfolio. The module enables the HP TippingPoint advanced IPS solution to be integrated directly into the switch chassis through backplane connectivity while also allowing external ports to be used on the server blade in a way that is similar to a traditional IPS appliance. The module is available for the HP A7500 Switch Series, making it suitable for deployments in the data center as well as the network core. It provides 1.3 Gbps of inspected traffic throughput per server blade, and can support up to 10 blades per chassis to supply scalability for the most demanding enterprise environments. It also simplifies networks by reducing the number of boxes that need to be deployed, streamlining network management and reducing power and space requirements.
  • Proven inline real-time threat protection
  • Extensible framework for future security needs
  • Scalable modular Threat Suppression Engine
  • High-availability fault-tolerant design
  • Central management from SMS Management Console

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Solution Briefs

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Intrusion detection/prevention system (IDS/IPS)

  • Modular Threat Suppression Engine — the S1200N IPS module includes a Threat Suppression Engine (TSE) that provides deep packet inspection analysis to quickly identify threats; the TSE can accommodate future security filters, is based on a proprietary architecture of custom ASICs, and performs thousands of checks on each packet flow in parallel to improve throughput and security analysis capabilities
  • Digital Vaccine service (offered separately) — provides up-to-date protection against emerging threats; Digital Vaccines are delivered to customers twice a week, or immediately when critical vulnerabilities emerge; can be deployed with no IT interaction required and are created not only to address specific exploits, but also to attack permutations, protecting customers from zero-day threats
  • DVLabs threat research and protection — the HP TippingPoint DVLabs team is the premier security research organization for vulnerability discovery and analysis; the team consists of industry-recognized security researchers who apply their cutting-edge engineering and analysis talents in their daily operations
  • Reputation Digital Vaccine Service — as threats continue to increase, a strategy for eliminating connections to "known bad" Internet sources enables better use of IPS resources and enhances overall network protection; the S1200N IPS module has an optional reputation function that blocks traffic from malicious devices based on reputation score, which is continually updated from a global network of hosts that identify sources of spam and malware
  • Zero-Day Initiative — DVLabs manages the Zero-Day Initiative (ZDI), which is designed to reward worldwide researchers for responsibly disclosing the vulnerabilities that they discover; DVLabs creates filters so IPS customers are protected from potential zero-day attacks, even before the vulnerabilities are disclosed to the public
  • Deep packet inspection — module supports deep packet inspection and examines the packet payload as well as the frame and packet headers; packets are dropped if attacks or intrusions are detected using signature-based or protocol anomaly-based detection
  • Signature-based detection — detects attacks that have known attack patterns; IPS maintains a signature database that contains the pattern definitions for known attacks that can be automatically updated using a subscription service
  • Protocol anomaly-based detection — detects attacks that use anomalies in application protocol payloads

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