HP Security Management System Appliance Series

HP Security Management System ApplianceThe HP TippingPoint Security Management System (SMS) Appliance Series delivers enterprise-class security management capabilities to all HP TippingPoint security products. The HP TippingPoint SMS Appliance provides both global vision and security policy control for large-scale deployments of all HP TippingPoint products, including the HP Intrusion Prevention Systems (IPS), Core Controllers, and SSL Appliances. With features such as multi-tenency support, customizable log functionality, integration with the HP ArcSight SIEM, the HP TippingPoint SMS delivers robust management functionality, with flexible deployment options. Additional support for both IDS and IPS deployments, provides organizations an easy to use solution for monitoring, configuring, remediating and reporting, while reducing the costs associated with deploying, managing, and maintaining enterprise security solutions.

  • Quarantine Protection: automated event response
  • Advanced Security Policy Definition
  • Automated security updates/Digital Vaccine
  • Security device configuration and monitoring
  • Enterprise security reporting and trend analysis


Technical features

  • Quarantine Protection for automated event response — is included with the HP Security Management System Appliance and is an automated response system that allows IT administrators to specify an action in response to a security event; this can range from directing a user to a self-remediation site, generating a trouble ticket, or, if the event is severe enough, moving them to a secure VLAN or removing them from the network
  • Advanced Security Policy Definition — IPS security policies can be defined based on physical segments, VLAN, MPLS tags, IPv4 and IPv6 addresses and ranges, and traffic direction; with the optional Reputation Digital Vaccine (Rep DV) service, security policies can be defined based on reputation tags, including Reputation Score tags, Device Type tags, Country tags, and Data Source tags; further security policies can easily and automatically be adjusted as threats arise
  • Automated security updates/Digital Vaccine distribution — The HP Digital Vaccine Labs (DVLabs) security research team constantly researches security threats and software vulnerabilities and distributes new protection filters to customers through regular Digital Vaccine updates to protect customer systems from new threats; the Security Management System Appliance is central to the distribution of these updates and can be configured to automatically check for, download, and distribute these updates
  • Systems management integration — the HP Security Management System Appliance is the network solution component of an organization's management infrastructure; the appliance will integrate with systems such as HP OpenView and other enterprise system management tools; with the appliance, blocked attacks, quarantine actions, and security configuration updates can all be tracked and reported as events of interest
  • Security device configuration and monitoring — Security Management System Appliance management scales to over 100 HP security devices and can be used to drill down deep into the internal workings of the security devices themselves; in addition, a single appliance client can operate across multiple appliances for even greater scalability; network parameters as well as HP system and filter behaviors can be viewed, assessed, and tuned from one interface
  • Advanced forensic analysis — the global visibility provided by the Security Management System Appliance allows a continual view of security event logs for immediate cyber attack containment, perpetrator location and identification, and damage mitigation
  • Enterprise security reporting and trend analysis — when HP Intrusion Prevention Systems block attacks or otherwise enforce customer security policies, event data is automatically logged to system files in the Security Management System Appliance; several reporting options are available regarding the compiled log information, including "big-picture" analysis with trending reports, correlation, and real-time graphs on traffic statistics, and filtered attack events
  • At-a-glance dashboard — provides at-a-glance monitors and launch capabilities into targeted management applications, and displays an overview of current performance for all HP systems in the network, including notifications of updates and potential problems that may need attention
  • Bandwidth management — in addition to protecting networks from attacks, HP Intrusion Prevention Systems can also be used to regulate network usage and availability for mission-critical applications; the Security Management System Appliance can easily be used to set policies for blocking or rate limiting traffic related to rogue applications, such as peer-to-peer file sharing and streaming media, which can consume available network bandwidth and interfere with mission-critical applications

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