HP TippingPoint S1500 SSL Appliance

HP S1500 SSL Appliance

When sensitive data at rest is encrypted, the threats of audit failures, financial losses, and damage to your organization's reputation are significantly reduced. However, whenever encryption is used to protect data at rest, a strong key management system is essential to control and preserve the underlying cryptographic keys over the life of the data. If keys are compromised, data is compromised. If keys are lost, data is lost, and business operations are impacted. Additionally, if you can't prove that your data and keys are protected, you'll fail an audit. Reduce the cost and complexity of managing encryption keys across a distributed infrastructure with consistent security controls, automated key services, and a single point of management. The HP Enterprise Secure Key Manager (HP ESKM) reduces your risk of costly data breaches and reputation damage, and eases compliance with industry regulations by requiring authorized access to your business-critical cryptographic keys.

  • Supports a broad range of HP encryption solutions
  • Supports hundreds of clients, millions of keys
  • Automatic clustering, key replication and failover
  • Strategic platform for industry-standard support
  • FIPS 140-2 Level 2 independent security validation

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Technical features

  • Increased application and server security — Web application vulnerabilities and attacks on these vulnerabilities are a major threat, so enterprises are increasingly using both SSL encryption to ensure Web traffic privacy and IPSs to block attacks on the data center. The HP S1500 SSL Appliance with the IPS platform protects the entire data center attack surface, including inspection of SSL encrypted traffic to prevent encrypted attacks from compromising Web servers and Web applications.
  • Supports Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) — The HP S1500 SSL Appliance supports multiple encryption standards, including AES, RC4, DES, and 3DES encryption algorithms.
  • High-performance SSL capabilities for critical network environments — The HP SSL appliance provides high-performance, hardware-accelerated SSL decryption and encryption capabilities suitable for deployment in high-bandwidth, critical network environments.
  • SSL offloading — The SSL appliance can be deployed in both SSL offloading and bridging configurations. SSL offloading relieves Web servers of the processing burden of decrypting and encrypting SSL traffic from Web browsers. The processing is offloaded to the SSL appliance specifically to perform SSL acceleration and termination.
  • SSL bridging — SSL bridging occurs when the SSL appliance is located at the edge of the data center and decrypts SSL traffic for IPS platform traffic inspection and then re-encrypts the traffic before sending it on to the Web server. SSL bridging can be useful when there are security concerns about unencrypted traffic traversing the internal network. SSL offloading offers higher overall throughput than SSL bridging.
  • Carrier-class reliability — When it comes to security solutions in critical parts of the network, maintaining uptime is the first priority. The SSL appliance is designed to deliver carrier-class reliability with built-in high-availability features and redundancy options, including dual hot-swappable power supplies and built-in zero power high availability (ZPHA) bypass on all network ports.
  • Zero power high availability (ZPHA) bypass — The ZPHA bypass feature ensures the SSL appliance will fail-open or fail-closed, depending on customer configuration, meaning organizations can maintain network uptime or network security in the event of a complete loss of power to the HP S1500 SSL Appliance.
  • IPS link monitoring — The SSL appliance provides IPS bypass when an IPS link down state is detected and network link down synchronization to propagate network failures, allowing network failover systems to deploy. This capability prevents network downtime in the event of an IPS or link failure.
  • Regulatory compliance contributions — HP solutions can be a critical component in IT compliance programs. Organizations must enforce security policy on network traffic flows, including encrypted traffic flows. The HP SSL appliance with the IPS platform demonstrates to auditors that the network is protected from the latest threats and may provide a "compensating control" where a requirement is not specifically satisfied with other solutions or processes.
  • Inspect encrypted traffic flows without compromising compliance efforts — The SSL appliance enables IPS inspection of SSL encrypted flows without compromising any aspect of enterprise or government-regulated compliance efforts, and contributes to the requirement that encrypted traffic used for privacy protection be fully inspected for malicious content.
  • SSL offloading reduces server utilization — In addition to improving IT compliance efforts, the HP SSL appliance also contributes to reducing overall security operating expenses (OPEX). When used for SSL offloading, the SSL appliance offloads computationally intensive SSL decryption and encryption, reducing server processor utilization significantly.
  • Simple, transparent deployment minimizes IT workloads — The SSL appliance is transparent to the network, eliminating the need for costly reconfiguration of the network, servers, or clients.
  • Scale SSL capacity independent of IPS inspection capacity — The SSL appliance allows organizations to separately optimize the SSL decryption capacity and the IPS inspection capacity, as opposed to an integrated "do-it-all" device.
  • Easy-to-use SSL management — The SSL appliance provides easy-to-use Web-based management, making administration of the solution simple and minimizing IT configuration and management demands. Policy-based control provides the ability to determine which SSL encrypted flows should be decrypted for inspection purposes and which should not. To ensure administrators can monitor the SSL appliance, logs can be configured to trigger alerts to notify designated support personnel via email immediately.
  • Simplify SSL key and certificate management — The SSL appliance can reduce SSL management and costs by consolidating private key storage and SSL certificate management. The SSL appliance also provides encrypted key storage and hardware tamper detection to detect when the chassis has been opened or a potential security breach has occurred, even when powered off.
  • Highly scalable for data center environments — In highly critical, high-performing network environments, the SSL appliance can be deployed with the HP core controller solution to provide highly scalable, redundant SSL offloading and SSL bridging capabilities for inspection of encrypted network traffic. In this scenario, organizations can migrate their communications to SSL using secure ciphers with virtually no network bottlenecks or application performance penalty.

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