HP E-PCM Plus Network Management Software Series

HP PCM Plus v4 Network Management Software Series

HP PCM+ Network Management Software is a Microsoft® Windows®-based network management platform that enables mapping, network and device configuration, and monitoring. HP PCM+ provides security and extensibility for small to large networks with remote sites. Network-wide management control allows users to securely add, customize, and restrict network management access. With HP security and wireless solutions, as well as extended third-party support, HP PCM+ offers a single-pane management solution. With remote agent extensibility, the software can manage many remote sites with encrypted communications and firewall traversal. Customers will gain superior return on management, security, choice, and flexibility.
  • Automated network discovery, mapping, monitoring
  • Complete network/device configuration management
  • Network performance monitoring
  • Simplified network troubleshooting and reporting
  • Extensible platform with rich plug-in modules



  • Easy-to-deploy and use network management platform — is easy to install and configure, requires no additional software or service, and often provides valuable network management information in less than 30 minutes; presents dashboards that provide administrators with an intuitive overview of network status and the ability to drill down into the details; utilizes wizards to assist administrators with some of the most common management tasks
  • NEW Web user interface—including mobile view — Web-based interface simplifies monitoring from anywhere and improves performance for distributed deployments; a mobile view is available to help ensure that administrators can monitor and troubleshoot from their mobile devices
  • Comprehensive network visibility — provides views of the network using maps or lists of devices; provides views across the network or by subnet, VLAN, or custom group; allows users to annotate maps with port or connection information as well as traffic levels
  • NEW Network services monitoring — provides proactive monitoring and reporting on the network services that businesses rely on (e.g., HTTP, DHCP, DNS, and FTP); provides an instant view of network service availability and response time
  • NEW PoE visualization and monitoring — real-time and historical view of network PoE availability and usage allows administrators to see when PoE is oversubscribed and proactively balance PoE devices across a PoE infrastructure
  • Device configuration monitoring — automatically monitors device configuration changes, providing a complete history of changes with the ability to quickly view what changes were made and when; with the ability to compare configurations across time or devices, PCM+ helps administrators to easily identify configuration issues
  • Device configuration changes — policy-based configuration makes deployment of new devices a snap and can identify devices that do not adhere to policies; PCM+ makes it easy to make configuration changes to one or many devices at the same time
  • Device firmware updates — automatically obtains new device firmware from HP and updates devices, allowing users to download the latest version or choose the desired version for downloading; network administrators can schedule firmware updates on one or more groups of devices via the easy-to-use Firmware Update Wizard
  • Event alerting and analysis — includes event monitoring and filtering capabilities that allow users to view, acknowledge, and sort network events; a summary displays device as well as PCM+ application events and categorizes them by severity, making it easier to identify where bottlenecks or problems exist in the network
  • Network performance monitoring — integrated traffic monitoring delivers detailed network performance views across the entire network with minute-by-minute views of the volume and content of traffic; using the sFlow traffic sampling technology embedded in many HP networking devices, PCM+ can provide detailed traffic views of up to 10,000 monitored segments
  • NEW IPv6 aware — identifies devices with IPv6 capabilities and IPv6 configured; is displayed on maps and inventory reports
  • NEW Network troubleshooting
    • Network analyzer reports — evaluate network configuration and identify real and potential issues based on common misconfigurations
    • Network diagnostic data collection — gathers diagnostic information to assist with troubleshooting network issues; information can be used locally or easily attached to a support case, streamlining the support process
  • Endpoint awareness and VoIP device tracking — a device map view clearly displays which endpoints are directly connected to the device, including phones, cameras, PCs, and authenticated users; provides real-time location and inventory reporting for VoIP phones, including network details such as VLAN assignment, QoS setting, and PoE status
  • User-defined organization — user-defined custom groups allow administrators to create collections based on their unique organization of the network; provides the ability to view, take action, or apply policies across these custom groups
  • Script Wizard — allows customers or service providers to securely extend the PCM+ capabilities with custom scripts; handles device authentication and interactions, making the scripts secure and easier to create


  • Functional-based profile settings — allow network administrators to create new profiles and associate what type of information is available for those functions, providing more control of network access; profiles can be set at a global or regional level to give fine-grained permissions within the network, delivering more secure access to the network at all support levels
  • RADIUS authentication of network management administrators — can be configured to use the industry-standard RADIUS protocol to authenticate network management administrators; this approach provides simplified and standardized user administration
  • Firewall traversal — remote agents enable management data to securely transverse firewalls via a Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) connection; once the system is connected, all management traffic uses the SSL tunnel to securely traverse the Internet between the PCM+ server and agent, allowing for the full management of devices behind a firewall at the remote site


  • HP NNMi integration
    • Advanced HP networking device management — can be integrated with HP NNMi to provide advanced HP networking device support alongside this industry-leading multivendor management platform, which now provides integrated support for most HP networking devices
    • Distributed deployment — HP PCM+ and NNMi run on separate management servers for increased performance, and coordinate management data and actions via secure communications
  • Configurable Integration Platform (CIP) — allows users or service providers to integrate custom devices or actions, and a CIP Wizard makes integration of third-party network devices, user-defined devices, and applications a snap; the CIP Wizard provides an intuitive step-by-step interface for integrating different vendor devices and applications into the PCM+ platform
  • NEW Support for international versions of Windows OS — runs on localized versions of Windows operating systems, including French, Italian, German, Spanish, and Japanese

Policy management

  • Policy creation and enforcement — allows you to create policies, set alerts, and take action to enforce network or device policies; network threats, bandwidth, or link problems can be mitigated by proactive policies and can be enforced with alerts and actions

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