HP E-Network Immunity Manager

HP E-Network Immunity Manager
HP E-Network Immunity Manager is a plug-in for HP PCM Plus that detects and automatically responds to internal network threats such as virus attacks. Additionally, it provides central management of HP Threat Management Services (TMS) zl Modules. The software also leverages security and traffic-monitoring features built into HP networking switches such as sFlow, Virus Throttle, and remote mirroring technologies, as well as performs network behavior anomaly detection (NBAD) to detect attacks. Optionally, it remotely mirrors suspect traffic to an IDS/IPS/UTM appliance such as the HP TMS zl Module. This security tool provides visibility into internal network threat activity to help increase network availability.
  • Intrusion detection
  • Intrusion response
  • Security management
  • Reporting
  • Flexible deployment


  • Intrusion detection
    • Network visibility — monitors network traffic for threats using sFlow data
    • Detection methods — uses virus alerts, network behavior anomaly detection (NBAD), and security alerts
    • Remote monitoring — mirrors traffic to third-party IDS/IPS/UTM devices for deep packet inspection
    • Offender tracking — identifies the offender (IP, and MAC and DNS names) and displays their location
    • Security heat map — provides a real-time view of security activity across the network
  • Intrusion response
    • Internal threat protection — detects and mitigates attacks
    • Location-based enforcement — enforces security based on time and location
    • Threat mitigation responses on offenders — quarantine VLAN, bandwidth limiting, MAC lockout, port shutdown, or email alert notifications
    • Chain of actions — is a prioritized list of mitigation actions that triggers an alternative when one action fails
    • Wireless support — blocks offending MAC addresses
  • Security management
    • Policy management — manages mitigation policies based on event source, location, time, and action
    • Security dashboard — provides a real-time view of security activities, mitigation actions, and offender details across a network
    • White list (exempt list) — a set of IP addresses, and MAC and DNS names that are exempt from mitigation actions
    • Configuration cleanup — automatic rollback of response configurations from HP networking switches and wireless access points after the policy expires
  • NEW Centralized management of HP TMS zl Modules
    • Firewall configuration — sets firewall policies across multiple TMS modules
    • IPS configuration — enables and disables IPS signatures across multiple TMS modules
    • VPN configuration — configures IPsec, GRE over IPsec, and L2TP over IPsec
    • Event logging, aggregation, and suppression — provides an overview of threat activity across the network
    • Other TMS central management features — include high availability configuration, IPS signature updates, and firmware updates
  • Reporting
    • Data mining — generates network-based, offender-based, and alert-based tabular reports; generates a variety of reports to inspect HP Threat Management Services zl Module activity and effectiveness
  • Flexible deployment
    • Network detection — detects attacks and mitigates threats at the network edge using intrusion-response capabilities
    • Passive intrusion detection — E-Network Immunity Manager identifies suspect traffic via NBAD analysis and mirrors to an offline IDS/IPS/UTM device for deep packet inspection of attacks
    • Active intrusion prevention and response — receives alerts from inline IDS/IPS/UTM devices and mitigates threats using E-Network Immunity Manager's response capabilities
  • Device support
    • HP networking — HP Threat Management Services zl Module
    • SonicWALL — SonicWALL UTM PRO Series and E-Class appliances
    • Fortinet — Fortinet UTM appliances
    • Cisco — Cisco IPS 4200 Series Sensor
    • TippingPoint — TippingPoint IPS appliances (excluding SMS and ZPHA models)

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