Checkpoint DLP-1 2571


Check Point DLP-1 2571™ solves the longstanding problem with data loss prevention technology—enabling organizations to effectively protect sensitive company and customer data, without placing an additional burden on your scarce IT resources. Check Point DLP combines state-of-the-art prevention and enforcement with end user remediation capabilities, for the ideal blend of security and usability.


Check Point revolutionizes DLP by combining technology and processes to move businesses from passive detection to active Data Loss Prevention. Innovative MultiSpect™ data classification combines user, content and process information to make accurate decisions, while new UserCheck™ technology empowers users to remediate incidents in real time. Check Point’s self-educating network-based DLP solution frees IT/security personnel from incident handling and educates users on proper data handling policies - protecting sensitive corporate information from both intentional and unintentional loss.

UserCheck™, Check Point’s unique end user remediation function, educates users on self-incident handling and corporate data policies, while empowering them to remediate events in real-time. Files that are sent or uploaded to the web are processed by Check Point MultiSpect™, a multi-data classification engine that inspects traffic flow for all data-in-motion, and provides high accuracy in correlating users, data types, and processes.

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