• Enterprise Applications

Government organizations at all levels—federal, state, and local—are facing budget and resource constraints as they struggle to meet the mandates of an increasing number of efficiency and cost-savings initiatives. Whether shifting to a "cloud first" policy, reducing the number of data centers, or ensuring continuity of operations, you’ll need to align IT and mission objectives.

NDM Consulting uses field-tested tools, proven methodologies, and best practices gained from engagements across both public and private sectors. With experience in delivering IT transformation projects to customers around the globe, we provide guidance on ways to modernize and streamline government IT infrastructure.

Federal Government

Federal agencies serve a larger population, require tighter security, and manage larger volumes of data than other public sector entities. Across the entire spectrum of military, civilian, and intelligence communities, NDM Consulting provides you with solutions to achieve efficient, cost-effective IT transformation.

We are staffed with personnel who have the required security clearances and expertise with the latest technology advances to help you:

  • Address your continuity of operations needs
  • Consolidate data centers in compliance with FDCCI
  • Transform to a cloud first model
  • Modernize the Federal IT infrastructure

State Government

State agencies, like their federal counterparts, are facing pressure to modernize and streamline their IT infrastructure even as their budgets are reduced. They are increasingly following the lead of federal organizations to update assets and applications and consider which workloads they can move to the cloud.

NDM Consulting helps state agencies make this transition. We work with you to navigate an increasing number of mandates, higher transaction volumes, and overburdened and aging information assets.

Local Government

Cities, counties and municipalities must often meet big-business mandates with small-business resources. This makes a holistic approach to delivering results more challenging at the local level than in other public sectors. 

Solutions are more cost-effective when defined from a single, functional perspective than when defined by more complex technologies on multiple platforms. NDM Consulting utilizes a repeatable framework to apply information lifecycle management best practices to a host of local resource issues. From public records to case management to financial transactions, we help you create a simple model that promotes interoperability and integration of information and resources.