• Enterprise Applications

NDM Consumer Products solutions help you effectively manage your products, brands, image—and the information that supports your company. With NDM Consumer Products solutions you can leverage your best brand and product images for all your marketing needs, including collateral, ads, and web and portal content. Collaborate with suppliers and key customers in real time with virtual workspaces. And ensure both regulatory compliance and system availability.

Key Benefits

  • Marketing resource management — Optimize the process of creating and distributing merchandising and marketing resources.

  • Faster time to market — Shorten product development cycles by ensuring secure access to all information throughout both the enterprise and your supply chain.

  • Lower operational costs — Streamline business processes throughout the enterprise. Improve the availability and efficiency of manufacturing applications such as SAP.

  • Compliance — Automate the entire information lifecycle so your information remains complete, accurate, safe—and in compliance with regulatory and retention policies.

Manufacturing and Supply Chain Management Solutions

  • Engineering and New Product Development for Manufacturing and High Tech — Enable secure sharing of intellectual property with design partners and suppliers through each phase of the development process.

  • Plant and Facilities Management — Manage all engineering-related content, including computer-aided design (CAD) drawings, specifications, and inspection documents, through every stage of its lifecycle.

  • SAP Applications — Improve system availability, minimize disruptions, streamline, and integrate unstructured content in your SAP production environment.

Marketing Solutions

  • Consumer Website Management — Streamline development and management of branded websites on a global scale with a consolidated infrastructure for content management and publishing.

  • Contracts Management — Create and track sales proposals and contracts. Ensure use of approved terms and conditions, and secure global access and reuse.

Information Infrastructure Solutions

  • Infrastructure Consolidation and Optimization — Optimize your data center, network, and storage while maximizing your IT resource allocation and use.

  • Virtualizing Information Infrastructure — Increase the utilization of your servers, files, and block storage through the use of virtualization technology.