• Enterprise Applications

Transform your business to operate with a lean and agile cost model, maximize your network capacity, and monetize a new generation of network-based services all while delivering a consistently high-quality customer experience.

Customer experience

Deliver a compelling marketing, shopping, and service experience

Understand your customers, engage them in personalized experiences, and deliver on every interaction so they become your advocates. Using technology solutions that put your customer at the heart of your marketing, sales and service operation, you can:

Service innovation

Create new services. Reach new markets. Generate new revenue

Move up the communication services value chain with innovative offerings that complement your connectivity business and create new sources of revenue. In order to deliver higher value and expanded services to your enterprise customers, you need technology solutions that help you:

Operational efficiency

Achieve operational and service excellence

Transform your telecom operations into a flexible, lower-cost, global system enabling you to respond quickly to market changes. To increase operational efficiency, you need technology solutions that help you:

Network optimization

Apply new strategies for managing network complexity

Build smarter networks that can easily adapt to the demands of such applications as Hadoop, video delivery, and virtualized network functions. To optimize your network, you need technology solutions that help you: