HP D2D StoreOnce Backup Systems

c01444803Struggling with complex, distributed, and costly data protection? You need a disk-based backup system that delivers leading price-performance, deduplicates backup data, and automatically consolidates multiple servers into a single backup process.

The HP D2D Backup Systems with HP StoreOnce deduplication provide disk-based data protection for data centers and remote offices. Automate and consolidate the backup of multiple servers onto a single, rack-mountable device while improving reliability by reducing errors caused by media handling. All HP D2D Backup Systems feature HP StoreOnce deduplication software for efficient, longer term data retention on disk and enabling network efficient replication for a cost-effective way of transmitting data off-site for disaster recovery purposes. The D2D Backup Systems integrate seamlessly into your current IT environment and offer you the flexibility of both virtual tape library and NAS* targets.

Whats New

• The HP D2D4324 Backup System with HP StoreOnce deduplication delivers 18 to 72 TB of usable capacity, and can backup up to 4 TB/hr of data

HP StoreOnce Deduplication, Store More Data on Disk

HP StoreOnce deduplication reduces the disk space required to store backup data sets by typically 20x without impacting backup performance. Retaining more backup data on disk for longer, enables greater data accessibility for rapid restore of lost or corrupt files and reduces downtime.
The D2D Backup Systems offer high performance multi-streaming with peak backup speeds of up to 4 TB/hour to a disk-based system instead of sequentially to a tape drive or tape autoloader, demonstrating that you can substantially reduce your backup window.
Data independent deduplication simplifies operations by reducing tuning and tweaking.

Rapid Restore of Data for Dependable, Worry-free Data Protection

The HP D2D Backup Systems offer immediate access to backups for rapid restores.
Proven RAID 5 and 6 technology reduces the risk of data loss due to failures.

More Affordable Disk-based Data Protection

Superior value to comparable products with 40% price performance advantage, the HP D2D Backup Systems deliver more affordable data protection.
HP StoreOnce deduplication reduces network bandwidth needed for remote data replication. More cost-effective replication, enables automated, centralized backup of remote sites, and delivers a practical disaster recovery solution for data centers.
D2D Backup Systems offer scalability to 72 TB of usable capacity as your data storage requirements grow, with simple and cost effective capacity upgrades that allow you to increase storage capacity without purchasing additional systems.
D2D Backup Systems are rack-mountable backup appliances, supported by all leading backup applications. With choices of network interface, iSCSI or Fibre Channel and backup target, virtual tape library (VTL) and NAS* (CIFS/NFS), integrating into most IT environments. *CIFS only for legacy systems.

Automates, Simplifies and Improves the Backup Process

HP D2D Backup Systems automate your backup processes allowing you to reduce the time spent managing your data protection. Implementing hands-free, unattended daily backup is especially valuable for environments with limited IT resources such as remote or branch offices.
D2D Backup Systems can backup multiple servers via a standard Ethernet or Fibre Channel network simultaneously to a disk-based solution at peak speeds of up to 4 TB per hour instead of sequentially to a tape drive or autoloader, meaning that you can substantially reduce your backup window.
D2D Backup Systems have an intuitive web-based browser interface allowing you to monitor locally or remotely, to view results or change settings. This self-managing device reduces routine maintenance. Replication manager provides management of a number of devices replicated to a central site.
Choice of targets for backup applications – VTL, NAS* (CIFS/NFS) or both, providing users with flexibility in how they configure their backups. *CIFS only for legacy systems EJ001A, EJ002A, EH938A, EH939A, EH941A, EH942A and EH999A.
D2D Backup Systems are self-managing backup appliances that require little, if any, routine maintenance. Unlike other disk-based storage devices, D2D Backup Systems do not require virus protection, defragmentation, or LUN provisioning.


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Ideal For Remote office environments or small to large data center environments that need affordable automated, consolidated disk based data protection
Drive Description (48) LFF SAS/SATA
Maximum supported, depending on model
Capacity 96 TB Raw
72 TB Useable
Maximum, depending on model
Transfer Rate 4 TB/hr
Maximum, depending on model
Deduplication HP StoreOnce deduplication/Dynamic deduplication
Storage Expansion Options D2D4904 capacity upgrade kit
D2D4106 capacity upgrade kit
D2D4112/4312 capacity upgrade kit
D2D4324 capacity upgrade kit
Host Interface 1 Gb iSCSI (2) Ports per controller or
4 Gb Fibre Channel (2) Ports per controller and
1 Gb iSCSI (2) Ports per controller or
8 Gb Fibre Channel (2) Ports per controller and
10 Gb/sec iSCSI (2) Ports per controller
Depending on model
RAID Support Hardware RAID 5 or RAID 6
Replication Support Licensed by target available from www.hp.com/go/d2d
Target for Backup Applications Virtual Tape Library and NAS, CIFS only on legacy systems (EJ001/2A, EH938/9A, EH941/2A, EH999A)
Tape Devices Emulated HP LTO-2/LTO-3/LTO-4/LTO-5 Ultrium Tape Drives in 1/8 G2 Autoloader, MSL2024 Tape Library, MSL4048 Tape Library, HP D2D generic library with HP D2D generic LTO tape drive
Number of Virtual Tape Libraries and NAS Targets 50
Maximum, depending on model
Number of Virtual Tape Cartridges Emulated 51200
Maximum, depending on model
Maximum Number of Source Appliances (50) Maximum, per target device depending on model
Form Factor 1U - 4U Depending on model

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